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29.06.2019 Feature Article

Farewell, Mrs. Christiana G. Mensah. Nantew Yie - And, rest in peace: Mother Ghana Salutes You!

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After being laid in state in her house this evening, the family of one of our neighbours in the State Housing Company’s Buduburam estate, Mrs. Christiana G. Mensah, who passed away on April 28, 2019 will finally lay her to rest. She will be buried after a burial service at the branch of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, where she worshipped regularly, whiles alive, tomorrow morning.

Naturally, on such occasions, we all think of our own deaths too - and realise that we are mere mortals after all. And not a few of us will also ponder why as a people we spend enormous amounts on the dead, when they did not see the lavish spending to organise funerals in today's Ghana, whiles alive. Preferring to remember her as she was whiles alive - sitting on the steps that led to her porch making cooing sounds to her new grandson Kofi - I shall not view her body.

Mrs. Christiana G. Mensah worked hard throughout her adult life. And she and her loving husband, who predeceased her, raised children who have all turned out to be responsible citizens of Ghana. The preparations being made by residents of our part of the Buduburam State Housing Company estate (as this piece is being written, incidentally), to ensure that she has a befitting funeral, demonstrate clearly the impact she had on her neighbours.

As her family and friends shed genuine tears whiles mourning her, it ought to be noted that like millions of ordinary Ghanaians who have passed away, there will not be exaggerated media reports about her funeral. And, a small army of insincere politicians, will not come to eulogise her.

Yet, since time immemorial, strong-willed and hardworking ordinary men and women, like her, have carried our nation on their backs. It was their strength of character, in enduring hardship during the colonial era, for example, which enabled the then local leaders of this well-endowed African nation, to to fight to regain control of their homeland, from its cunning and greedy British colonial occupiers. Farewell, Mrs. Christiana G. Mensah, Nantew Yie - And, rest in peace: Mother Ghana Salutes You!

Kofi Thompson
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