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29.06.2019 Feature Article

NDC Architected The Woyome Scandal And Cannot Share The Spoils Of This Victory

NDC Architected The Woyome Scandal And Cannot Share The Spoils Of This Victory

There appears to be a natural affinity between the NDC and absurdity!

Having supervised the fraudulent payment of the GHS51 million judgment debt to Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the NDC also made sure that the beleaguered financier of the party was shielded.

There was a heavy swell of anti-Woyome sentiments which coerced the then NDC administration to file a case at the court to retrieve the monies paid to him. They were never interested in the matter.

The excommunication of Martin Amidu was, among other matters, linked to his decision to pursue this matter and all those who had played roles in it.

The Gloria Akuffo-led Attorney General’s Department has fought tooth and nail to win this landmark case.

These NDC comedians are claiming that they should be given credit for this case since they first went to court. If they had not paid the money to him in the first place, would there have been any need to go to court in the first place?

These people, after it was revealed that they had paid Woyome for no work done, defended the payment as though their very existence depended on it.

Now they want to share the spoils of the battle the Akufo-Addo administration has won without their inputs!

The only credit that we cannot contest belongs to the NDC is the fact that they patented corruption, and that of Alfred Agbesi Woyome was an offspring.

Peter Antwi Boasiako
Peter Antwi Boasiako, © 2019

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