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29.06.2019 General News

MP Drags Minister To Parliament  Over Spate of Armed Robbery

MP Drags Minister To Parliament  Over Spate of Armed Robbery

Member of Parliament for Garu, Albert Akuka Alazuuga has dragged the Minister of the Interior, Ambrose Dery over spate of armed robbery Mr. Albert Akuka Alalzuuga (Garu): To ask the Minister for the Interior what measures the Ministry is putting in place to reduce armed robbery in the country.

According to the MP, the recent reports of robbery cases raised serious concerns in the country's for which reason he wanted the Minister to explain how government is doing to curb the menace of robbery crime.

"Mr Speaker , I rise to ask the Minister for the Interior what measures the Ministry is putting in place to reduce armed robbery in the country," Alalzuuga asked.

In response, the Minister for Interior Ambrose Dery said, the Government is committed to the fight against the armed robbery menace in the country and has demonstrated by equipping the Ghana Police Service with patrol vehicles as well as other logistical support to enable them discharge their mandate effectively.

According to the Minister, government in 2018 approved the recruitment of 4000 personnel into the Ghana Police Service of which 2000 are currently undergoing training at various centres in the country.

He added, "Mr. Speaker, Government has in the past eighteen (18) months presented four hundred and eighty-one (481) vehicles to the Ghana Police Service and this is unprecedented."

Mr Dery said, the Police Administration in its efforts to curb the menace of armed robbery has introduced additional security measures to deal robustly with armed criminals as well as increased its patrols in communities along the highways.

Form instance, the Minister said, the Bolgatanga – Bawku – Garu highways have been factored in the operational plan of the Police Service, stressing that, the police has also stepped up its Intelligence Operations across the country which has resulted in the arrest of persons involved in high profile robberies and other crime.

"Mr. Speaker, the joint Police/Military patrols code-named “Operation Calm Life” has also been intensified in the fight against crime and armed robbery in the country. The cumulative effect of all these efforts has had an impact in reducing armed robbery in the country," he stated.

Statistically, Mr. Dery said, the country recorded 1,101 robbery cases between June and December 2018 as against 868 robbery cases from January to date.

Nevertheless, the Minister said, “security is a shared responsibility” and in as much as we expect the police to do their work and flush out these social miscreants, the police equally depend on information from the general public in order to stem the robbery menace.

He again urged members of public continues to support the Police with vital information about the activities of criminals so as to enable the security to deliver efficiently and effectively on their mandate.