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Tribute To Joseph Suaka Sukuruman By The Family!

By Suaka Peter
Tribute To Joseph Suaka Sukuruman By The Family!
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Our family chain is broken, the SUAKA family chain is broken and nothing seems the same anymore since your demise, but one thing is certain, as God call us one by one, the chain will link up again some other day.

Joe, your life is a beautiful memory; your absence is a silence grief to the family. One precious gentle soul less of the earth, an angel more of the heavens.

We will remember you Joe, yes, we will! We will remember the time that we have spent with you. We will remember all the memories, old and new. We will remember our moments of gloom and the moments of cheers with you, we will remember everything. We will remember when you took us to your station in Cheriponi and we will remember when you visited us in Terchire, Berekum, Sunyani and Walewale. We will remember everything about you.

We will remember when we were in school together and we will remember when you sent us money when we were in school. We will remember how you took absolute control of home management as most of us concentrated on developing ourselves outside home. We will remember of our collective expressing of discomfort about your matrimonial issues and the responses you gave us and we will remember when it got so worse till we had to lose you, we will remember all that.

We will remember all the hospitals and prayer camps we have visited in and outside the country and yet we had to lose you. We shall remember you fought your untimely departure your own way till your last breath. We shall remember live in TTH, Sunyani Municipal Hospital, Sunyani Regional Hospital, Holy Family Hospital in Techiman, Goaso, Raf Chik, Kole Bu, Nigeria and finally home. We will remember watching you helplessly as your physically giant physique deteriorated and emaciated day by day. We will remember observing your normal laud exciting voice grow frailer and frailer till you muter to communicate with us. In Seven months, you begun and ended your journey of departure. We will remember you from your giant walking steps in your normal healthy life till you struggle to walk, struggle to sit, struggle to get up when you laid, and your struggle to even turn yourself in your sick bed whenever you needed to.

We will remember how the family strong man suddenly became the weakest and demanded all family members’ attention. We will remember your triumphant departure that late afternoon on the 6th of May 2019 when you called Mama strangely with your usual laud voice and requested for water; We shall remember what you told us before your gentle departure to eternity with no feet kicking, no physical struggle but with just a mild shout. As strange, painful and unbelievable as it appeared, it was a reality dawn on us. We lost you.

We shall talk to the sky whenever we want to talk to you, though we know you will not talk back to us. Yes, we will.

Joe, your sun will set no more; your moon will wane no longer. The lord will remain your everlasting light; your days of sorrow and labor have ended. You are now before the throne of God to serve him always in his temple.

This is our family prayer to you, Joe!!

He who sits on the throne has already spread his tent over you. Never again will you hunger, never again will you thirst. God will remain your shepherd in the heavens and will lead you to the springs of the living water. God has wiped away all tears from your eyes. Now I know you are glowing with joy and your eyes sparkle with splendor. May God teach us acceptance of what we cannot understand. May God teach us understanding of what we cannot change; God, our lives are in your hands, you give life, you sustain life and you grant eternal life. You alone know us individually in our depths. Grant our brother Joseph Suaka a place in the eternal kingdom.

We need you, but the lord needs you more. Deep in the hearts of the SUAKA family shall remain a loud memory of your elegant and pleasant personality we shall always miss.

Until we meet again Joe, God bless you and keep you in His care!

Fare thee well Bro!

Yennu njia nan tanann nan tata sa chet leeb daalinba!

Yisa Masia Sanni!!


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