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27.06.2019 Opinion

Re: Zipline Drones Saves 113 Students

By Godwin Ako Gunn
Re: Zipline Drones Saves 113 Students
LISTEN JUN 27, 2019

Sometimes when the contract money is big , and there are excess cash for CHOP CHOP , planting of stories in the news papers becomes part of the budget.

I read this story with tears in my eyes. As a parent, i felt for these children and what they have gone through , while Zipline sees it as an appropriate time to do politricks . I am sincerely , wondering the use of these people ….

Minister of education

Minister of health

Minister of sanitation

Minister of NHIS and

Minister of finance .

Where have we gone wrong , or where are we going as a nation under this irresponsible leadership . Let me be fair and give a little back ground to this story.

A group of students from mangoase senior high school in the eastern region , were living under insanitary conditions, uncollected refuse in the school , bad water , their places of convenience broken down etc . These caused 113 students to fall sick . They had diarrhoea, caused by cholera. They were sent to the health centre just to be told they do not have common ORS !!! Can you imagine this in Ghana !!!

With all these 130 ministers of state , appointed to do nothing, the health centre in the community had been denied drugs to the extent that common ORS could not be found in their health centre . Haaaaba !!! ORS !!!

Whether this is a new strategy to cause shortages in health centres so that when drugs are ordered , money is made by zipline for onward kicking back activities . Is it not sad that meer counter drugs like ORS and others can not be found in clinics and health posts in Ghana, because someone must chop . No wonder a member of parliament, looked straight into our eyes and asked is he chop chop ? No you are not chop chop . I AM THE CHOP CHOP !!! Sadly , they know no shame .

Zipline transported 5 boxes of ORS from Omenaku to mangoase , and they are claiming to be the new Messiahs in town . They have saved lives . Hmmmmmm , what a pity !!! ONLY UNDER NANA ADDO !!!

This is the story that NPP, through zipline has paid to be published in the media .

Create artificial shortage , put the lives of your citizens in danger, make it look like they are working and the Ghanian remains at risk . What a joke .

Nana , make the lives of your citizens a priority, improve the conditions at the schools , pay capitation grants, stock the health centres with drugs , and stop this needless paid up stories . Its gradually becoming nauseating.

Charley , let me catch some sleep , these people can’t kill me . There are better days coming to Ghana after 2020 . Please don’t die , Have a good morning !!!

I shall RETUNR

Kun fa Yakun

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