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26.06.2019 Opinion

Can You Stop The Rainstorm?

By Offin Aamaniampong
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Some did nothing. Some gave their all.
And some did their best...Still not enough to stop the pouring rain.It poured. It came in buckets. Everyone looked drenched. Nobody was spared. They cried for help. Help was far from reach. Nonetheless, they vowed to remain resolute.

Where does the storm draw its strength from?
And what triggers his anger or rage?
Oh, how I wish I can stop the thunderstorm. But who am I? I'm a mere mortal.

I can do all the brainstorming. I can possibly leave no stone unturned. But it's very obvious, that's beyond my ability.

I can't even kill a fly. But I can surely be the voice of the voiceless, stand to defend the defenceless and fight for our rights.

I can help rake the muck. And I can help raise an army of tigers to raid the woods which has been populated by looters and weasels.

I know if I take no bribe from 'em and remain unbiased I can make a huge difference.

Mind you, no one can do it all, but with modicum effort, love for country and humanity, we can make a difference in society and the world over.

Last night, I heard the cockatoo. It seemed someone had gotten on his nerve. He was too loud...But in that loudness was something so profound. One line stood out and it caught the Eagle's eye. "Every good citizen defends his country all the time and his party when they deserve it."

At Ogyakrom the latter (party) get defended all the time whilst the former (country) get pillaged.

KSM's face lit up, while the man that sat across the table ran his mouth like a nervous sewing machine. ("Efie wura antua, kramo betu").

Both the far right and the far left got their share of the bitter pill. Truth hurts isn't it?

Kwame Asare Obeng alias A Plus is stepping on big toes. He's talking loud and jabbing his own party members. I'd been trekking back and forth-- scavenging for news. Looking for something interesting and compelling to write about.

Kejetia and Makola couldn't satisfy my insatiable want. But downhill Makola Market, A plus had some special merchandise ready to be 'donkomied'. He appeared so poised.

He's not going to keep his mouth shut. He says nobody can stop him.

The NPP 'talking bird' has gone wild and he's vowed to continue his crusade against graft, contract or no contract.

A Plus has disclosed to KSM ( Kwaku Sintim Misa) how he'd severally had to reject advice from some New Patriotic Party (NPP) party members to engage in corrupt practices and loot the public purse.

The outspoken NPP card-bearer appeared on the ‘Bo Me Nkomo’ show---a brainchild of the renowned radio personality and actor.

The controversial NPP member also chastised the two major political parties; NPP and NDC for putting their selfish interests over the general good of the country.

“Anyone who wants the good of this country irrespective of your political affiliation, you've to know the country is very important. Every good citizen defends his country all the time and his party when they deserve it. We've to support Ghana all the time because this is the only country we've. For NPP and NDC, they can only get commendation when they do the right thing but the focus should always be Ghana”Mr. Bediako said.

“Whether or not you get contracts, whether they increase, take it or otherwise, the most important thing is that Ghana develops so we can’t do, ‘keep quiet and chop’”.

“I hear a lot of NPP members say Kwame, keep quiet and eat. Even if you give me bank of Ghana, I will never do what is wrong at the expense of the country.

A lot of them say it; that my party is in power so I should enjoy. With this, how can the country develop for the next generation?”, he quizzed.

According to him, rather than prioritising development so that the unborn generation can benefit as they did from our predecessors including Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, A Plus says, "they've chosen to selfishly follow their interests to the detriment of Ghana."

He further advised the youth not to succumb to pressure to steal and engage in corruption. Instead, they should work towards defending Ghana and pushing for growth.

'‘Before we got independence in this country, someone had to die. Those in their 70’s and 60’s, during their days, in school at Legon, they used to have everything for free, one person in one room, allowances, tea break, vacation jobs. Today, all these things don’t apply and they still pay a lot of fees but NPP and NDC members are not ashamed, they’ll still go and create TESCON and TEIN on those campuses”.

“Someone created what they have today, what are they preparing for the next generation so if you are a young person and you are also following them, these guys didn’t prepare anything for you. What Kwame Nkrumah and the rest thought about and prepared for you, they aren’t thinking about that for you," he pointed out.

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