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27.06.2019 Feature Article

Don’t Fight The Current; Let It Have Its Way With You!

Don’t Fight The Current; Let It Have Its Way With You!
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We have the good, the bad and the rogue waves. If you are a good swimmer and you find yourself in any of such situation, you relax and keep swimming. When you particularly find yourself in a rogue wave with disturbing current, you don't fight the current since you may get tired and get swept away. Just stay in there and let the current have its way with you. After all, if the current flows ashore, the sand will refuse to accept it and it will automatically recede and move up stream, leaving you ashore.

I normally circumrotate in my right-ups because my late old man admonished me not to make people simply get what I wanted to say so that they will keep guessing until I throw the bombshell. That was why anytime he decided to tell us a story when we were children he began with a phrase like “One million years ago” and continues with a Kwaku Ananse story which he would say happened only last years.

Since the NDC lost the 2016 general election, they have come to act like a rough tide. To them the NPP under President Akufo-Addo have done absolutely nothing for the past two and half years. They have assembled their hounds and commentators with little knowledge to commend on issues they know little about. What they hate to hear is any praise that the international community heap on Nana Addo and his government. They try to make everybody believe that nothing is working in Ghana and that the current administration is a failure. In fact, they continue to play on the intelligence of Ghanaians not knowing that the more they play that buffoonery, the more they are exposed to public ridicule. There are older men and women in the NDC who are supposed to know better but sadly they are made to sit at the backbench and allow small boys and girls to muddy the waters for them. Mr. Mahama likes that because he is a joker who wants to hear only good things about himself. If they tell him he is younger and handsome, he giggles as if he has seen the testicles of his in-law.

The funniest person in this their unsustainable scheme is ex-president Mahama. The man continues to have the funny believe that Ghanaians are shortsighted and that we have all too soon forgotten about the mess he and his administration caused. He still believes Ghanaians will be so docile enough to vote him into power again to continue with his incompetency, a word he hates to hear so much. Recently when parts of Accra experienced dooms, the man who supervised over nearly four years of doomso jumped into the frail with his communicators to make it look as if the whole thing is out of control. And when the situation was quickly rectified he became silent and has since not been heard saying anything about the situation again.

You see, the problem with Mr. Mahama is that he has surrounded himself with bootlickers and opportunists who always sing his praises and make him look as if his presidency come 2020 is a done deal. And he believes in them. These days you don't hear them talking about the free SHS or the Double Track system again. They don't have any shame because when they pick a topic to destroy the current government and it fails they act like a child who has been caught lying to his mother. They don't even know how to hide after being caught lying. Like a child, if they want to hide they run into the room and hide behind the door, thinking nobody will see them if he or she enters the room. Take the issue of the batter system entered into by the Government of Ghana and the ShinoHydro for example. Ato Forson, their ranking member of finance made so much noise about the issue and even run to the IMF to complain that the whole thing was a loan but when the IMF told them in their disgraceful faces that it was a batter system, they kept quiet and have never mentioned the issue again. And these are people who called themselves honorable men who are being paid by the tax payer!

That is why I say you don't have to fight the current but let it have its way with you. The Nana Addo led administration should keep their focus and let the NDC rogue waves have their way. They know they have nothing good to offer Ghanaians but are just looking for another opportunity to loot the state coffers. And this will happen over our dead bodies. In no time, Mr. Martin Amidu would pull his throttle and many of the NDC criminals who stole our monies will find themselves behind bars. That is when they will come to realize that this government means business. For now, if the NPP decides to fight with the tide, they will lose energy and focus and that will be to the advantages to the NDC who are out there to lie to the good people of Ghana. Luckily, Ghanaians have come to know them better after eight years of misrule, corruption and naked thievery of state funds.

When the SinoHydro projects starts to roll out, the NDC would be so dazed that the noise that they are making will seize. It is up to the NPP to keep their cool and concentrate on how to keep the economy on course. Anytime the president travels outside the country, the NDC catches cold. They know in this modern era, one needs not stay back home and expect anything good to come his way for his people. This was what ex-president Kufuor told Ghanaians when he used to travel outside the country frequently that these days you do not stay back home in your country and expect to get development. Some of the benefits of the numerous travels of President Kufuor were the Jubilee House, the Free Maternal Care and many goodies which came our way. Yes, indeed, the current administration inherited huge problems. That was why Mr. Asiedu Nketia told Ghanaians after the president was sworn into office that if the president and his government thought there was money for them to run the government they will laugh at the wrong side of their mouths. He doesn't know that winners see problems as just another way to prove themselves and this is just what the government is doing.

When the free SHS was going to be rolled out the naysayers said the government will not get money to execute the programme. By September this year the third batch will enter SHS free and I wonder what these doomsday prophets will have to say again. If you are a god captain and you find your ship in troubled waters, your binoculars are your best weapon. You constantly look far ahead in anticipation of an impending high waves so that you can steer the ship away from the impending waves while trying to steer it safely ashore.

By Eric Bawah

Eric Bawah
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