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25.06.2019 Social News

I'm Always Afraid To Go Home After Work, My Wife Will Kill Me With Sex — Bishop

I'm Always Afraid To Go Home After Work, My Wife Will Kill Me With Sex — Bishop

A man popularly known as ‘Bishop’ says he almost fainted at his honeymoon due to his wife’s strong drive for sex.

According to him, his wife pounced and aroused his manhood continuously after each round demanding for more.

Speaking to a Tamale-based radio station; Bishop said “My problem is my wife has a very strong drive for sex. At our honeymoon I almost fainted. Just after each round, she will just bounce back and try to arouse me for another one. Sometimes she gets angry when I deny her. I try to explain to her that the Male Organ does not work that way. She gets upset and would not talk to me for days.”

He further revealed that he finds it difficult to go home after work because he fears his wife will 'kill' him with sex.

“I can no longer bear my wife’s insatiable appetite for sex so I called for help in the form of advice via social media,” he stated.

Bishop revealed that due to the respect for their Pentecostal belief, they were able to abstain from sex until they got married which he believes could have been avoided if he had known from the beginning.

“My wife & I were raised from a strong Pentecostal background. We met in the university and decided to get married after school. As Christians, we decided never to have sex until after marriage although neither of us were virgins before we met. After school we prepared for 2 more years & got married,” he recounted.

Bishop added that he is amazed at the number of times her wife could demand sex within an hour adding that she sometimes calls him whiles at work requesting for a quickie in his office.

“After work each night, she will alert me she wants sex via text. At dinning, she can request for another round. She does same before bed. She sometimes during midnights wakes me up for sex. I had to stop her from sex before work because it weakens me. Sometimes she would call me if she can pass through my office for quickie," he stressed.

The frustrated young man says his wife recently requested if she can have a boyfriend aside the marriage to reduce the pressure on him but Bishop declined saying he was scared of losing her.