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24.06.2019 Feature Article

The Underground Man - Part 20

The Underground Man - Part 20

Annegret served red wine for all and put salt crackers on the table bought to share with their hosts. She challenged Paul to share his part of his own life-story that had all it takes of a horror story with a blessed end.

Paul took a nip of wine and started to remember: “I was in my early forties, not married. I had tried all possible to find a woman to be my wife…nothing happened. Then I decided to go down on my knees and pray to God…each morning for six months. I prayed to him either to give me my wife finally as I knew my heart’s desire or to strengthen me to accept that I should live my life as a Bachelor forever. After six months God got me in touch with a woman in Nairobi, Kenya. First I was not so sure about that contact and shocked as that woman was half my age…so what to do with such a relationship? But when I calmed my nerves down it came to me this might have been a sign from God, as God works in mystical ways. So she and I started to call and write emails to each other over a period of another six months. Friends were warning me she certainly would only be a gold digger while others congratulated me to have fun with a young, certainty innocent girl from hot Africa. The conflicting voices in my heart were so loud, I at one time decided to put the contact on hold to clear my mind. It was around Christmas when I went to church, I am a Christian you must know and not Jewish, to let God decide whether I should say yes or no to that woman. At church, the Pastor prayed about life that this is not in our hands and a little boy came to me. I took this as the needed sign to call my ex-wife and agreed to marry her. Six months later I was in Nairobi. We both stayed at Hotel Marble Arch, room 216. Her two uncles of the same age actually like my ex-wife, had planned to rob me of all my processions on my arrival. As they did not know the exact time of my arrival, their plan was impossible to be executed. A lawyer supposed to arrange our marriage ripped us off. I met my ex-wife´s mother in a village called Miwani in Nyanza Province.

A humble simple person. Her husband, a Math’s teacher, a drunker, had lost his job at school sharing with his wife the mud hat. Five of the six children were still alive. The mother, Philister is her name, was a strong Christian woman. She never abandoned her drunken husband. To feed the family she labored on her own small land behind the house and worked for other people on their land. A great woman, but not clever in a business sense. Her husband must have certainly taken money away from her for his addiction. But she did not do anything bad against him ever. Two months after I had left Kenya my ex-wife came here to Israel. Money was always short but few months down the line we were able to set up our own humble company. While she was in housekeeping of a big hotel, I took care of the company to get clients and contracts in. There was no car, no computer, no fax machine, no landline phone, all we had was the determination to make it and my debts to be paid back. Each day I would go for nearly an hour to the nearest internet café checking emails and handling our offers in any weather conditions as money for transport was not there for me. Over time we managed to stop government dependency and stand on our own small feet. The ownership of the company was in the name of my ex-wife completely as we wanted to safe on social contribution. We had agreed once the company would make profit enough to share the company shares equally as each of us would contribute to the company´s success whatever possible in someone´s capacity. As she had always said that she had to stop school education back in Africa at age sixteen and work as a housemaid for a former Bank Manager retired to support her family, to make it possible for her to attend school again and get her degree. In Nairobi all she had was a place to sleep on a bench in her cousin’s room, a room that was very small, with no inside toilet, no kitchen. She used the phone of a kiosk that had belonged to one of her friends that I would call and we would have chatted. She was very, very poor and had nothing on her own, a homeless woman in her early twenties. But as for me her financial status did not matter, I truly loved her, a woman given by God to me. So she attended school in evening classes, working in the hotel during the day. Based on age and culture we had our normal marriage problems. Then time came she pressed me on the issue of getting pregnant and a baby. I was not able to make her pregnant and refused to see medical help arguing she should better achieve her A-level and go to University as her teachers had offered her to help her in any way she had wanted. I saw no need to rush into medical treatment outlining to her having a baby at her young age would make it impossible or much harder to pursue an academic career but to allow whatever would happen to happen.

From the small money we had we supported her family back in Miwani to eve establish a kiosk for her mother saving over months from eating less food, but Philister had scattered the money to other people instead of opening up a great future for herself.

One day came, my ex-wife stood before me with a pregnancy test in her hands showing positive signs. Her pregnancy was easy but I stood by her side happy to see my ex-son finally. For quite some time before delivery phone calls came in to our new place we had moved to in the West of the city with a person constant hanging up on me when I was answering the call. We had used one room of our apartment as our company office. At that time I was not able to track down that disturbing person.

The time came the boy was born and I felt so happy holding him in my arms. Her was such a great little boy; soon to be diagnosed as an Autist. Around six months after my ex-son was born, I came back from church. My ex-wife had stopped attending church long time before making me wonder. I sat down on our Chesterfield couch and she confessed her love affair. By that time I had already a feeling something in our marriage was not right. She had stayed away from home for too long for all the unbelievable reasons I could have ever imagined. Therefore I told her that her confession would not surprise me at all, something she herself was surprised about. I ordered a DNA testing and the result showed I was not the father of the boy once hold in my arms. I forgave her for having cheated on me right on the spot, not out of love, only to set myself free. Later she would mention to me that she still would have some feelings for me as feelings would never go away so fast and that she would be certain also I would still have feelings for her. I was always wondering about that statement. For myself I can say the moment I had forgiven her total emptiness had captured all that I was, no love and no hate for here was in me. All that I felt and thought off was the big question, why I had to live a lie for five good years, as that was what my marriage was in those days…a big fat lie. I tried to safe our marriage as I loved my ex-son so much, not because of her, but she was not willing to go down in this direction in any way.

One day, I still remember so clearly, she sat on bed telling herself that she is the devil. I had looked at her confused and had rejected any such proclamation. At that time I did not understand, she was absolutely right, she was and is the devil, period.

The apartment below ours was empty and I had the key to it, so I slept there while my ex-wife slept in our apartment both of us had rented and signed for equally.

The big drama appeared as on early morning I was in the office, a call came in and someone hang up again. As I had checked al our telephone bills and had seen for the past months, even before my ex-son was born, the same number on the phone display had appeared. The number was dialed for hours during the nights while I had been asleep. After a long, busy day I confronted my ex-wife with the number. She got angry shouting on me that I should not call her friends and that shown number would not be the one of her boy-friend. I left the bedroom, prepared my food in the kitchen. Ten minutes later, she stood behind me and confessed that I had shown her her boy-friends number. From that moment I felt danger for my life coming. She went wild. She took the phone and threw it down the staircase, it broke into pieces. Then she stormed into the office and took things down, even in the kitchen she went crazy. Noodles all over the floor, broken cups and other things. She was no more herself, only living anger and aggression. That evil woman could have easily taken a knife and killed me in that bizarre moments. Her son was confused and scared, her cried constantly hearing her mother shouting and shouting over me. She got her belonging together shouting with no pause while I tried to be safe in the hall way. Finally her boy-friend and father of my ex-son turned up with a silver station wagon. even it was dark and I peacefully walked towards that strange man that had cause my so much pain to say he could call my ex-wife with no problem as between her and me everything is clear but that I hate calls not being answered, he walked away from me instead. I managed to memories the number plate and few days later was able to hold a letter in my hand stating the name of the car owner. It was a business car from a Software developing company in the north of our city. She always had tried to hide his identity from me, and there the information fell down into my hands. not that I had ever wanted to harm that man in retaliation, but I needed his identity to take him to court and get back the money I had paid all those past months for my ex-son, his son. It was also easy by the phone number than to find out his private residence. While my ex-wife was still busy hiding his identity, I knew it all and laughed at her from inside when she defended him that I would never get my part of the money my lawyer had said I am entitled to get by law.

While she was staying with her boy-friend I had to run the company. After closing hours I would go to bed, hide myself and cry each night for one week straight. During office hours I pretended to be a happy man. She turned up one week after her moving out from home unaffected by what had happened ready to fight me again. My ex-wife was and is cold as ice, very professional in what she had wanted to achieve in evilness. Her only motive to marry me was to get a child from anyone that came along her life, marry him, get pregnant, divorce him again and stay with a residence permit in our country all on her own rights via a child made with a White Man, a citizen of our country. No matter the cost and pain to cause towards others, not only me, but also my mother and others, she did not care as long as she got what she wanted. Any foolish man, any correct man would have been the right for her to engage in. I got to understand over time, even she is small and looks very innocent, in fact she is a very dangerous person because of that, a woman that is providing a poisonous trap, once fallen into it, you are done. That is what she does with all people till today.

The legal proceedings began and month later I was no longer the legal father of my ex-son and the biological father accepted his status. As the ex-son of mine needed medical attention nearly on a daily basis, she would only come afternoons to work in our office and answer calls or emails. One night the biological father of my ex-son turned up at my place and threatened me at the gate never to touch his son again. He was out of his mind and a good friend had told me later he would be on pills and run around our city as a mad person.

In any while she was working in the office, I took care of my ex-son and played with him anyway as he had wanted it. In those days I checked my ex-wife´s mobile phone that she left constantly unattended in the living-room. I was able to read text messages from a Psychologist that we had met before exchanging quiet some interesting love messages making m being convinced of a deeper relationship between them both. Few weeks before that that man, working in a Youth Correction Facility, had been in our apartment with his girl-friend form Namibia to invite us to their upcoming wedding. He had been divorced as he had cheated on his former wife and that woman had cheated on him before going different ways. I was very puzzled about all this mess but today I am not at all surprised knowing what that evil woman, my ex-wife, can do to people. Her spirit is very strong…I am a witness to that.

In any case, it was time for me to secure my own interest and start a life in happiness, a new life all over again. As a first step I asked for my fifty percent share of the company but she refused. I know a court fight would end the company fast as only two of us handled the company management. I prayed to God each day several times to give me strength. Whatever I lost in those days I told God to see it as my seed, my investment into a glorious future. For God to know one day, one day would be payback day. That kept me alive and going. While she was living together with her boyfriend I knew she was cheating on him also…still legally be married to me! The evidence I had before my very own eyes came six weeks before I left the country to start a new life and get away from all the mess I had found myself in. As usual, she had run out from office in a haste to catch the train back to her sleeping place. In the haste, she had forgotten to close down her Facebook account. So I saw her conversation with a man named Jack Otieno exchanging with him dreams both had wanted to have sex with each other. I was laughing my head off like never before in my life seeing their dreams in black and white before me. All her sins and evidence of her evilness she was always bringing right to my doorstep…God is great! For me it was important to get out of the disaster I found myself in. Fortunately enough the plan came up I should leave for Kenya to see our business services there succeed and make money so our company would move on. I saw the chance of my life to reinvent myself. A company for Kenya was registered with an investor`s help. While I was working in the office from morning to late afternoon, my Ex came after lunch that gave me the chance to build my own future behind her back. She only saw a naïve man that would eventually go to Africa, bring back home money that she wanted to spend on her sinful life. I was assigned by her to be her working slave, the useful idiot. I still take pride in my successful strategy. In n way was I willing to let her know my real intentions but used my stupid, naïve face to please her. Behind that mask I was able to plan for a future away from her and lead a glorious life; no more Judas close to me! Always when she appeared in the office, I was tense making sure she would not discover my plan…and I am still today amazed how much I succeeded wi9th that. The time came to leave closer and closer. But a problem in Mombasa port occurred so we had to establish in only two weeks’ time a new company in Ghana by a friend and partner of mine. So I ended up in Accra in the end. This moment I saw as my chance finally to get my fair share as agreed of the company, my own brainchild. Not hesitating I demanded my rights otherwise I would stay in the country. She retaliated offering me only thirty percent claiming she needed twenty percent to protect her son´s interest. I thought to myself that that twenty percent of course has to be from her half of the company and not mine. A long legal fight would not have brought me out of my mess and she used that momentum to blackmail me once again. So, I agreed and told God that this is another see into my future and that the time would come one day for him to pay me back a thousandfold. To lose a battle is not a shame or disgrace but clever decision seeing the bigger picture in life and overtime win the war…when you can see and believe.

So, I left one day for Accra, never ever saw my ex-wife again…God is great as he has set me free! Prophets and Pastors counseling me by saying I should never meet her again all by myself as she has the intention to kill me. In fact one instance occurred in Accra that could have been seen as a killing attempt by her easily arranged via a Kenyan friend she had in Accra that knew about my apartment. My Prophets and Pastors also opened up my eyes for all that ever had happened in my life from people and blessed me prophesying a great future. Till today when I step out from home I am not free. I am always alerted that somehow my ex-wife could hide somewhere and end my life finally…there is that constant feeling and warning in me. Between her and me it is all about who dies first. She thinks for now she is safe…but she is again, like many times before, mistaken. The fight will never be over only when either she is dead or I am dead; while I pray each day I will be the surviving part in this battle. Along with my eldest sister it was her to have pushed my mother into her early grave. Together we had invested into Government Bonds at the Government Bank. My mother had given me the authority to work on her money and bank account and use her not needed funds to support our company in times of financial shortage as long as her own money would always be safe and available in shortest possible time when needed. I used the Government Bonds as guarantee for my mother´s money and my ex-wife had agreed to that concept. The money used entirely went to the company that my ex-wife was owning fully. Bank statement of my transactions were a constant transparent witness to be seen by everyone. In two files I had place them in the open in my mother´s one room apartment in the home for elderly in Mümmelmannsberg. Even the balance sheets of the company would reflect very openly the decisions was taking. While I was in Accra, my ex-wife wrote an email to me telling me if I would ever have the interest to come back I could no longer stay in the old apartment for which both of us had signed the rent contract equally as over the weekend she would entertain her new boy-friend there…of course illegal decision and very wicked! But anyway she has violated the laws of our country so often, she does not longer care. Even the time she was evicted by force from the apartment having refused to pay rent, she stole all my furniture knowing only half of it was for her and the rest was supposed to be handed over to a very good friend of mine to keep for me until my return. She even illegally handed over all my documents to my eldest sister…but braking our laws is a routine habit to her anyway, so no wonder. She even had not shame to declare the money invested in Government Bonds were hers and mine, while that guarantee was supposed to be paid for to my mother as the company was brought down to its knee by my Ex that is simply unable to run any kind of business at all and was dissolved by her…again illegally. This lie in the end pushed my mother into her early grave …and my Ex did not care. Two people became victims of her evilness, her very own son punished with Autism and my beloved mother. Years later my mother appeared in my dream saying she at first was very angry about me but now understands that I had never done her wrong but had become to understand I was an innocent victim of two evil women each wanting my downfall as a cover-up of all wrong doings in their lives and their shortfalls. She declared to have forgiven me and that her spirit has set me free, the real evil people are now clearly in her focus. As for me I am truly blessed knowing God spared me in his mighty wisdom to have a child with my ex-wife as it would have meant always legal battles over the boy until my life would one day end. I have come to realize, God wanted that woman to be in my life as a bridge to move to Africa, once that was done, he took her away from me again…a Judas…very dramatic actually. But God knew my mind that I never ever had wanted to set foot on African soil…and look what had come out of it and will still emerge over time! By force he allowed the devil to use my Ex, come to me for her evil agenda by opening up her heart for the bad work of the man from underneath the world in fire. Once the devil had accomplished his mission he dumped her, left her alone empty, devastated and poor behind; a woman that would never see well in her life again. This was the same like with Jesus Christ, I thought in those days and gained comfort in the bible. We need to go in our life with Judas to bed to see what God can do…so you better appreciate such situations in your life! As for me I can declare to have received an angel by my side now that most certainly I would have never met and a ready declared great future ahead of me proclaimed by many Men of God, Prophets and Pastors. On that note deep in my heart I am so, so thankful to God for all that he has prepared me for to create a great future. It pays off to walk on the right side of life and know God. Today I am more myself and live life in all its glory…while my ex-wife is an empty shell with a life not worth living. All that is left for me to do is to pray for her early death as long as long as her spirit still tries to end my life…it is either her or me…and it will be me as God in the end is always the winner! These battles will be the victory in the war.”

Anna looked down, took a long deep breath and took time to understand his story. Looking him into his eyes with lots of questions, she took another deep breath. Lifting up the glass of wine, she looked at the fermented grape juice full of flavors with a deep red color. Anna prayed silently over the wine like Jesus Christ once did and said:” It is well!”

….to be continued

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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