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22.06.2019 US & Canada

New Sexual Harassment Accusation Hits Donald Trump

Author E. Jean Carroll accuses Trump of sexual violenceAuthor E. Jean Carroll accuses Trump of sexual violence

Before and after Donald Trump became the president of the United States of America, he had been hit many times with sexual harassment scandals. On a recorded tape, Trump once said, “When you're a star they let you do it, he meets beautiful women he feels able to grab them by the pussy.”

In a new development, the American writer and columnist E. Jean Carroll, has accused the US President Donald Trump of assaulting her 23 years ago. A few hours later, the White House denied the allegations.

The 75-year-old Carroll told her story in the New York Magazine. The assault allegedly happened in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman department store in New York. According to Carroll, Trump asked for her advice about a gift for his wife at the time and was thereby assaulted by the former businessman.

Trump denies the accusation and says that Carroll made up the story. “I have never met this person in my life. She is trying to sell a book, so that will be her motivation. The book should be sold in the fiction section," says Trump

The president recognized Carroll as someone he had met before and he told her that he was in the department store to buy a gift for "a girl." E. Jean Carroll says that Trump suggested a lace bodysuit and he urged her to try it.

When they reached the dressing rooms, Trump pushed her against the wall, pulled down her tights, and "went around his private area with his fingers." “He pushed his penis half into me or entirely, I am not sure," says the author.

New York Magazine writes that Carroll told two friends about the incident after it happened. They advised her to go to the police. Another said she should forget about the meeting and warned that Trump's legal team would come after her.

On the cover of the magazine, Carroll wears the Donna Karen jacket she was wearing that day. It is the first time she has been wearing it since the incident.

A senior White House official responds in a statement: "This is a completely false and an unrealistic story that pops up 25 years after the alleged occurrence and is simply made to put the president in a bad light."

Carroll is at least the sixteenth woman who accuses Trump of sexual misconduct. In the interview, she also talks about a series of other cases of abuse, including by a former CEO. Trump denied that too.

Anticipating why she had waited so long to come forward, Carroll says: “Receiving death threats, being driven out of my house, being fired, being dragged through the mud, never sounded like a pleasure. I am also a coward."

Joel Savage
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