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22.06.2019 Opinion

Is History Repeating Itself?

By Habel Awuku Dadoto

In the 80's when many Ghanaians abandon their nation and made Nigeria their home due to the economic situation we found ourself in, we were subjected to all manner of denigration.

Every crime that was committed in Nigeria those days were attributed to Ghanaians even though without proof. Many innocent Ghanaians lost their lives by mob lynching for crimes they did not even commit but were just branded as criminals for whatever crime that came along those days in Nigeria.

Today the reverse is that Nigerians are being caught in all manner of criminality in Ghana yet they (Nigerians) are being treated humanly not as how Ghanaians were humiliated for no crime committed when we were living in Nigeria.

Every protestation by the Ghana Government then was ignored by their Nigerian counterparts. Ghanaians were left to endure the horrors of every day maltreatment in silence because home was not good. The reverse now is that Nigerians see Ghana as the land to call home and are on the receiving end with every proof of some being caught in all aspects of criminality. Ghanaians are not subjecting any Nigerian to mob justice even though caught red-handed in criminal acts but rather chose to expose them (Nigerians) to judicial justice.

Why then has the Nigeria High Commissioner so soon forgot how Ghanaians were treated some years ago when we trooped into Nigeria in droves just to make ends meet but to complain about the tolerance of Ghanaians to accommodate Nigerians in every form of hospitality but exposing the bad nuts of his countrymen living among us?

Many innocent Ghanaians lost their life through the tagging of omo Ghana because they either lived close to or being around any crime committed area at a particular time? Are lessons being learnt?

"For if you ignore the prospects of others future, tomorrow will come to encircle you in shame"

Habel Awuku Dadoto
Check out this link of an article I wrote years ago about how it was with Ghana in those days.

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