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22.06.2019 Letter

An Open Letter To The Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu

By Denis Andaban
Martin AmiduMartin Amidu
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My name is Denis Andaban, the village boy from Daffiama-Bussie-Issa. I bring you warm greetings from the good people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa who are still devastated over the gruesome murder of the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency chairman of the National Democratic Congress. May the humble soul of Richard Bayiviele Puolabong rest in perfect peace. Amen!!

Well, that is part of the repurcussions of the insecurity in the country under the watch of your political friend, Nana Akufo Addo.

Sir, this is the first time I am writing to you. Apparently, I am one of those you mentored indirectly through your very sharp pen. I used to follow your writings keenly and have gained some appreciable confidence in the use of some of your flamboyant vocabularies. Even though I had always detected a glaring political mischief anchored in vindictiveness and envy in your writings, I must confess that you are such a great writer.

Sir, i do remember how you chastised people in governance and purportedly exposed corrupt acts of some of them. That gave you some interesting household accolades including; the anti corruption crusader, the citizen vigilante etc.

When you were finally appointed by the president of the Republic as the first Special Prosecutor, many of your lovers especially members of the NPP celebrated and made so much ugly cacophony of how you were coming to prosecute all former appointees in the erstwhile John Dramani Mahama led administration. Though I was skeptical of this assertion, those who were celebrating your appointment, had some justifiably cogent reasons. This is so because you demonstrated competence in throwing out allegations, almost on daily basis, against some leading members of the NDC government including John Dramani Mahama. Indeed, your incessant attacks on members of the NDC government by then, partly contributed to the victory of Nana Akufo Addo in the 2016 elections.

Looking back at your records of spinning propaganda against reputable individuals to dent their images for political gains, it was not a surprise to have been rewarded with that position so that you could use your bitterness and vindictiveness to go after members of the opposition.

Let me revisit my position on your appointment and the celebration that came with it. I was of the view that your appointment cannot end corruption in Ghana because we have so many institutions and laws capable of curbing corruption. Creating another office in that manner was just for political reasons and no political condition is permanent. whether in power or opposition, the coin can turn upside down. I also proffered many other things that bother on the attitude of citizens in any pragmatic fight against corruption. Until we see corruption in that perspective, we cannot make progress in the fight against it. No individual can win the fight against corruption.

Sir, all of that may be a monotonous narrative but what is important now is to objectively assess and evaluate your work. I have really been finding it very difficult to track your work because apart from your usual media "ranting" and needless complains, I cannot just see your work. If you were in a private organization, you would have been fired by now because you have so far failed to meet expectations.

I was even flabbergasted when I heard that your staff were stealing and devouring the national cake without any apprehension. That was the genesis of the erosion of your "pale" credibility. How can people, who were appointed to fight corruption, turn around to perpetuate same crime? This is pure hypocrisy!!! God is alive!!!

Sir, you were being bastardized everywhere even by those who were celebrating your appointment, that you were only "chopping the Ghana money" without any action. There and then, I knew that you were going to smartly cure that public opprobrium against you.

Lo and behold, you raised some very questionable allegations against the Member of Parliament of Bawku Central Hon Mahama Ayariga. Like joke like joke, you sent him to court without even following article 117 of the 1992 constitution which explicitly contains how members of parliament should be treated in such circumstances. Be that as it may, after some argument here and there, Mahama Ayariga met you in court and the preliminary results I hear are not pleasant.

In fact, the preliminary results is a reality check on your competence.

I am told you have accepted responsibility for doing a poor job in court. Martin, are you still that Martin we knew? You of all portraying ignorance on the scope of operation of your own office? No it is incredible sir!!

Sir, striking out three charges against your targeted "big fish" by a competent court of jurisdiction exposes your weakness and casts doubts in your competence. Let me not be economical with the truth, you have demonstrated incompetence. Your crass incompetence might have been caused by your hastiness to chase a ghost at night. You won't get it, you may only end up crushing your head against invincibles in the dim corners.

Sir, may I admonish you to swallow your empty pride, stop the political vindictiveness and get back to the drawing table to study on the legal jurisdiction of your office. Better still, just sit there and enjoy your fat salaries. Another option is that, you could resign. After all, others were sacked and others resign because of incompetence. Your crass incompetence in this matter is not different.

You were supposed to be on retirement as a statesman by now but you preferred to use these reverred days of "seniorism" to play a very tedious political football.

Sir, even as you play this political football, be mindful of your credibility and reputation.

Sir, I will wish to end my letter here but let me state that I do not write with any malicious or mischievous intention, but to alert you not to go to court to face any of such embarrassments again. The intelligence I have been gathering indicates that your office is only "an image saving machine" of a failing government, that in the era of a wobbly economic and security situation, wants to win elections by persecuting opposition members. It is a sad "distin"

Your gargantuan legal defeat, in the early part of the game, should give you a signal that the law court will not dance per the political drums on face value, they will evaluate and analyse first. You should know this better!!

It is sad to see the reputation of my mentor being washed away by his own actions and inactions. If there is any incompetent person in Ghana today, you, Martin will be the number one and the next will be the head of the family and friends government.

My best regards sir.

Denis Andaban

[email protected]

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