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21.06.2019 Opinion

'Boot For Boot' Battle Between Hon Mahama Ayariga And Special Prosecutor

By Sah Collins
'Boot For Boot' Battle Between Hon Mahama Ayariga And Special Prosecutor

Today, I am in high spirits and would use words that are less descriptive of the NDC because I want to use as they say 'palatable words' though it may not depict who they really are.

I am so happy about how this government is steering the affairs of the country in every sector but today I am writing on corruption.

This government in the history of Ghana has been the best in terms of putting robust measures to mitigate corruption. We know he can not totally kill it because it is a work in progress and hope successive governments continue to fight aggressively as the Nana Addo administration is doing.

The office of the Special Prosecutor has been the most villain office in the country especially by the opposition NDC. They have used all sort of words and descriptions to demean and suggest that it is the most useless office created by the Nana Addo administration to fight corruption.

They, by lip service, said they are against corruption and yet they use every fibre in their bodies to fight the Government in his efforts to put things right.

This all important office which has been hailed by all meaning Ghanaians, of course except the NDC, started to work, and the same people have started crying wolf and shouting over the rooftops, claiming they are been witch hunted. If a person decides to be witch and he or she is hunted, is it a crime?

Hon. Mahama Ayariga has the first honor to meet the Special Prosecutor boot for foot, if I may use their own words. He, being a lawyer took the personality of the man in charge of the office to court challenging his eligibility, which is no crime though, considering how the NPP love the rule of law. But what is annoying is why he didn't challenge the case instead, if he so believes in his innocence but tried to frustrate the process. No tactics employed by him and the NDC will work to stall the wheel of justice. No baga wire!!

I hear some section of the opposition claiming that the government is trying to frustrate them by bringing corrupt cases against them and dragging them to court and I say, where would they rather want?

A court of competent jurisdiction has ruled that he ( Mr. Martin Amidu) qualifies in his capacity as the SP and that the case can continue. Lest I forget, even in opposition they are incompetent and lack better judgment.

We seek justice for the ordinary Ghanaian who has been disadvantaged because of a person in power has engaged in a corrupt act to the disadvantage of the people they so represent. The whip of justice should be cracked without political colors and affiliation.

Long live Ghana
Long live Nana Addo
Collins Sah
NPP communicator

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