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21.06.2019 Poem

Found Song

By Gabriel Awuah Mainoo
Found Song
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‘…Bob Marley’s one love fades at the hall’

This dying chord
Begins another/
A song that choked a boy in the gullet
In a carnage somewhere the heart of a metropolis/
To this boy home has become an allergy
He runs away from his shadow,
His father’s face,
He may have lost in himself/
Man’s hell is no place for a home
Neither a mother’s womb be a safe asylum/
In such dark ambience
Each tiny pore becomes another hell
Inside his mother’s feverish body
Lurks the roast /
Between fire and smoke
Is the boy and his dreams/
He is a dumb rap-star
Searching for his voice in a fog of gunpowder/
Each day;
The lyrics that survive in his head
are dead songs on his lip/
His favorite
Is the music of the hawk
Who returned the long lost chicken quill/
Somebody bring me the cello
With its body as war’s torso and strings as intestines

Strumming with my daggered-thumb
I slay the stigma of strife/
To sing of harmony;
I sing Africa
I sing America
I sing Eurasia
I sing my soul
Harmony I sing/
'Bob Marley's music continues...
Let’s get together and feel all right…’

This is the song
That brought the boy’s voice/
© Gabriel Awuah Mainoo