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The Underground Man - Part 16

The Underground Man - Part 16
LISTEN JUN 20, 2019

In her dream before waking up Anna had seen a matured man and his Persian wife alongside their three children. He had been reported to the Police in London for rape allegation by his wife. The man had to spend time in prison while his case had been processed. The wife`s action had destroyed the man`s used shoes business and it had taken him two good years to recover from the harm caused. It had been the woman that had made certain his business would collapse. His love for his children were endlessly. After two year he had been able again to work and open up a new way forward. It all had happened as the wife had cheated on her husband and she had wanted to her husband to bear the cost for her wrong doings, for her sins. In the end the charges had been dropped and the man had walked away uncharged but emotionally harmed.

Another dream she was able to remember was of a young woman in Kumasi, center of Ghana. It was a most beautiful woman running in Bantamaa her own provision shop in a container. In the mornings starting at six, the young lady would open her shop, welcome the first customers of the day. The only help she had was from her mother that would come for a few hours during the day to assist while she would go to the central market and buy what was needed for selling. Late at night around eleven o´clock when all people went to sleep, she would close her shop and walk home. Six days she would do this, only on Sundays after church she would open half a day. One day a neighbours had acquired her visa for France but was short of money to pay her ticket to Marseille in full. Out of her good heart, the young woman had given the needed money, the lady left for Marseille. Shortly after she had landed in France, the Lady that was helped, asked her friends back in Kumasi to talk around the provision shop telling all potential and stable customers the shop owner is an evil woman and they should better stay away from her. It did not take long, the young lady was out of business and devastated, confused in all she was. She was not able to understand the evilness in people, especially in Blacks as she was later hearing more and more such stories of jealousy and bringing down people someone before had done good. It should not take long, and she would met a White Man that took her to his country.

Anna felt her heart stopping and coming back seconds later again. She took a deep breath to make it work again. Concerns were burning themselves deep onto her forehead. Her eyes instinctively looked into the grey clouds of a quiet morning while her family was still asleep.

The phone was ringing, Anna was all alone in the house. Monika Willers was at work as usual. Alexa had moved out to her boy-friends Sourterrain apartment in Winterhude.

“I need to talk to you”, was she hearing her father´s voice on the other end of the line. “You know I am very sick and about to die?”

Anna kept quiet. For years he had promised from time to time to provide for her much needed things. Whenever he had felt emotions for his children, he would appear to them out of the blue. Using excuses after excuses not to pay child support, she had started to take him to court in the name of the rest of the family representing all of them in public. She had hated him for all the hardship he had caused the family. He had touched Irena in a wrong way for which she would eventually go to his funeral only for the reason to convince herself that the devil had finally died. Monika Willers would go for the same reason among her ex-husband´s siblings to see him buried in the grave alongside his parents with no name on it of his own. Who did not know of his ending would never find his resting place.

For years Anna had prepared herself for that moment she knew would come to her eventually on day. Again and again had conflicting ideas crossed her mind. Hate had been the driving force behind her energy to overcome all obstacles she faced at Hamburg University. Her first year was too difficult. Like many others she had to use the service of the Psychology Department of the University to manage problems facing a life situation from school to a place with no clear structure and interest of authorities or class-mates in any one. She had realized early on everyone ready for hard work and interest in a subject can pass University. Intelligence was not needed and family could not determine failure or success in an academic career. It all depended on someone`s determination only, that was the conclusion from observation.

When her mother had told her in quiet moments she would smile like her father, it had hurt her in all she was. These moments had told her much of him was in her blood and only hard, consistent work would make it possible to overcome the evil parts planted in her. Years after years she had prepared her mind for the day her father would contact her and not others. Anna it fell on her to answer her father. To forgive others as we all are not perfect, is a good concept, she was sure about that. Knowing from her old bible classes at school she understood that sinners should be forgiven seven times seventy seven Anna had studied life intensively and made it her belief that three forms of forgiveness of sins exist. People foolishly sinning against their neighbours indeed should be forgiven always hoping the numbers would be kept to a minimum of sins. The second category of sins are the once that are intended to destroy a person and are willingly and intentionally targeted. To forgive such persons is by asking them to leave your life and wish them outside your own hemisphere all the best not holding any crutches against them or to take revenge so to set yourself free from anger and live in peace with yourself. The third category of people are the once that want to end your life, to kill you with lies, wrong allegations and betrayal. Such people mostly do this out of jealousy and personal insecurity. These people someone has to kill before they kill the innocent; no mercy at all needed! This is a fight of good against evil and no blood needs to be spared. Christianity is all about victory of the better over the wicked once to make life better and to honour human creation.”

“It is okay…no need to meet”, gave Anna her father the answer. She felt peace in her heart, no regrets. The time she had realized by hating him she hated herself being his blood, she had forgiven him and achieved to move on with her life with a clear mind. Whatever he had done or not done, it was okay for her. The past could not be changed anyway, so any explanation of why and how things had happened would not change her future at all. Not what was inside her from family blood, her past, had any right to determine her future and life results. Anna had set her mind beyond family history and bondage; her free, strong will, her determination was what was supposed to make her achieve greatness in life. Anna knew so very well, she was born through humans, raised by them, influenced by them but only alive for her own cause to reach her far destiny in far future. She hung up, closed her eyes, saw endless darkness inside her mind.

Anna said confidently: „It is well!”
“I need your help!”
“What is it all about?”
“I want you to come and do me a favour.”

“What kind of favour?”
….to be continued

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