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20.06.2019 Feature Article

A Matter Of Concern

A Matter Of Concern
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One of the benefits of social media is that it helps us to read and watch what is going on in other parts of the world in a matter of minutes. I have become concerned about the latest developments in Ghana in terms of abductions or kidnappings in the country. This reveals to me that Ghana's security apparatus is not in order. That means if terrorists were to strike the nation, there would be inadequate preparations, offensive, and defensive mechanisms to thwart those efforts. Now let me address the gist of my write up. Nigeria and Ghana have existed and gotten along like twin brothers and sisters. Ghanaians have frequented Nigeria and Nigerians have done the same in Ghana. However, we know that there is a rotten apple in every society. That is given without any argument or objection.

Therefore, Ghanaians should be careful not to paint all Nigerians with the same brush. I believe that there are a few criminals who have warmed their way into Ghana from Nigeria to create these problems of insecurity. The youth of Ghana should not take matters into their own hands to vandalize the shops of the hard working and law-abiding Nigerians in the country. We should be careful as a nation not to become a copycat of South Africa to evolve into a xenophobic nation. Potential international investors are watching what is going on in Ghana, and this lawlessness and vandalism can drive them away. I suggest that President Akufo-Addo should address the situation and give the Police Department the authority to nip this unhealthy situation in the bud.

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