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Kudos And Bravo To The Ghana Armed Forces For Producing Useful Retired Senior Citizens For The Enterprise Ghana

Kudos And Bravo To The Ghana Armed Forces For Producing Useful Retired Senior Citizens For The Enterprise Ghana
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Every so often, if one is lucky enough, one has the rare privilege of coming across some of the world's most extraordinarily gifted artisans, in Ghana. Mr. Paul Monnie Ahiator, a retired soldier, who lives in the Buduburam State Housing Company estate, is one such individual. Mr. Paul Monnie-Ahiator served with the 1st Mechanical and Transport Battalion, as a driver, whiles on active duty with the Ghana Armed Forces. Today, he is a plumber. And a very good one.

And what an amazing gentleman and super-efficient small-scale entrepreneur, Paul is. Like most retired Ghanaian military men and women, Mr Monnie-Ahiator, is very well-organised in the work that currently takes up most of his time - in his case, being a plumber. Although self-taught, he is definitely one of Ghana's best plumbers. For sure. Should a brilliant and gifted man like that not be teaching the next generation of plumbers in Ghana, too, I ask?

Paul is on call 24/7, 365 days a year, dealing with burst pipelines and sundry plumbing issues for clients, even at 2am. Yes, 2am - which is the exact time he once responded to a distressed neighbour, whose property's mainline inlet pipeline, burst suddenly. Paul responded quickly when he was called, and dealt with the problem calmly and efficiently.

He is the personification of Ghanaian military resourcefulness and calmness under pressure -- both virtues being fortuitous boons for those lucky enough to get the services of that brilliant and efficient plumber, to resolve their properties' plumbing challenges. Cool.

Because of the quality of the work he has carried out for us, since we moved into Buduburam State Housing Company estate nearly two years ago, I have no hesitation at all, in recommending Paul to anyone who needs a good and efficient plumber. He can be reached on: 0242135077.

Is it not interesting that as a result of the excellent military training they had, there are tens of thousands of retired military men and women, who are active members of countless communities across the length and breadth of our homeland Ghana? Kudos and bravo to the Ghana Armed Forces, for producing such useful retired citizens, for Mother Ghana. Old soldiers, it is said, never die - they just fade away. Cool.

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