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26.01.2006 General News

Boakye Djan Appeals For Calm

By Osahene Boakye Djan
Nkrumaist Govt 2009: Recent Family Misunderstandings Fellow Ghanaians, You will recall that I informed you in January 2006 that only an Nkrumaist Government can avert Ghana's creeping national crisis and that I believed I was the only one within the Nkrumah Political Family capable of leading the family to an election victory for an Nkrumaist Government 2009 to effectively address this and other equally pressing national issues. In the last few days, there have been open and bitter confrontations between members of the Nkrumah Political Family with regard to a series of events including a decision taken by the Central Committee of the Convention People's Party to dismiss its three serving Members of Parliament. I am calling on you the people of Ghana not to let these recent developments dispirit you and destroy your confidence in the ability of the Nkrumah Political Family to provide a Government for Ghana to avert the looming crisis. Do not panic; do not despair. I am also calling on all members of the Nkrumah Political Family at home and abroad not to be disoriented by recent events. I would like you all to be encouraged by the knowledge that what is happening right now is but one of the normal misunderstandings that afflict political families in all democracies over the world. Therefore, what is happening is neither new nor specific to the Nkrumah Political Family in Ghana. In the United Kingdom, which is one of the oldest multi-party democratic countries in the world, such political family squabbles have come and gone. New Labour which is in power today in the United Kingdom went through a far worse experience but was elected in 1997 and has gone on to win two consecutive election victories under Tony Blair. Likud in Israel under Ariel Sharon is another recent example. In the midst of all these, what is important for all of us, whether Christian, Moslem, Ancenstral Worshipper or otherwise, is an Nkrumaist Government January 2009. Hence, we must all resolve to emerge from this and coming crises chastened but always fresh and ready for Government now. Osahene Boakye Djan Candidate for President: Nkrumaist Government 2009 For more information, please contact Campaign of Nkrumaists United Government 2009 at Email Address: [email protected]