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19.06.2019 Social News

Dorothy's Hope Foundation Launched Eye For Cancer Project

By Beyonce Diamond Kpogli
Dorothy's Hope Foundation Launched Eye For Cancer Project

Dorothy's hope foundation (DHF) has launched a lifesaving project, Eye for Cancer in Accra.

The aim of this project is to save lives give hope and fight against cancer as whole.

In a keynote address delivered by DHF founder madam Dorothy Amuah at the launch, she disclosed that there is a stigma associated with breast cancer which prevents women from seeking medical assistance and treatments therefore this project is designed to encourage them on breast cancer.

"Cancer cannot be ignored and we must be willing to speak openly about it, as well as share our stories of survival to encourage others to be mindful of their health, by going for their regular examinations." She said.

Dorothy Amuah, who is a Survivor of breast cancer present shared her personal experience, assuring the women that they have no reason to be worried in the unlikely event of affliction, saying life doesn't take a turn for the worst if detected on time and cured.

"My cancer story began when I was first diagnosed at the young age of 29 with stage 3 breast cancer. Though most of us know about cancer and breast cancer we never truly understand the impact it has on one's life until it hits home. When I was first diagnosed, I felt a sense of hopelessness because for me, the word cancer meant death and I'm sure many other women in my situation felt similarly," Dorothy disclosed.

She added that "I was fortunate enough to have been living in the U.S where there are several treatment options and facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology, thus increasing one's chances of survival. Ever since my remission I have been active in various organisations such as The American Cancer Society and The Susan G. Gorman Foundation," she stated.

Dorothy's Hope Foundation was established in 2014 , a non-profit organization born out of compassion, to educate, to prevent, and care are and support breast cancer patients.

Dorothy's Hope Foundation was founded with the mission of educating women while empowering and encouraging those affected by the disease.

She indicated that Many women in Ghana, particularly in rural areas can go their whole lives without having their breast examined and this is often due to factors such as the lack of access to healthcare facilities and sometimes affordability.

She pointed out that early detection is key as it leaves room for more treatment options and betters chances of survival. When breast cancer is detected at an early stage there is a 93 percent or higher survival rate in the first five years.

Dorothy's Hope Foundation has developed a three (3) point Plan which include, Education and Creating Awareness , Development of Accessible State of the Art Cancer Screening Facilities and Construction of the One Africa Cancer Treatment Center

She further added "It's time for Africans to help Africa. Working hand and hand we as a continent have the capability of putting an end to the cancer epidemic that plagues are communities. We have some of the best physicians in the

world, but what we are lacking in is infrastructure, funding, and education",she said.

The Head of Breast Cancer Unit , Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Dr. Josephine Nsaful, has urged women especially young girls to do regular breast cancer screening.

According to her, the highest prevalence rate of breast cancer is currently the among thus regular breast screening checks will prevent the young girls from contracting the deadly disease.

Dr. Nsaful, noted that, there's a need for parents to invest in the health of their children, insisting a country's wealth, is a variable, dependent on the health status of its citizens.

Adding that women dominate the informal sector of the economy, and advised parents to be particularly watchful of the health status of their daughters, who are more pre-disposed to breast cancer, which invariably affects their contribution to economic development.

She urged the Young Girl's periodically carry our self-breast examination and promptly report any unusual observation for treatment. She encouraged other corporate and public spirited individuals to contribute and help bring health and prosperity to women in particular and Ghana in general.