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18.06.2019 Education

FOGET Urges SHS, JHS Leavers To Engage Their Time In Productive Activities

By Staff Writer
FOGET Urges SHS, JHS Leavers To Engage Their Time In Productive Activities

Youth orientated organisation, the Foundation for Future Generation (FOGET) has held another session of ‘Life after school summit’ for Senior and Junior High School leavers, in order to help them make informed choices on available opportunities and challenges.

Each year the Foundation hold this summit through self sponsorship scheme by the founder and President, Prosper Dan Afetsi, since most students complete school without any clue of what next they can do to build their lives while waiting for their results.

Addressing some JHS leavers in Accra recently, he drew their attention to the fact that leaving school doesn't mean freedom or time to give a break on learning, but rather a ground for them to rehearse responsibilities ahead.

He reasoned with them that throughout history people of great mice and skills who lived the times had left their footprints that till date are helping humanity.

Mr Afetsi pointed out to the youngsters that destiny construction has four guiding principles and number one of its, is one's choices, determination, associations and destructors. Among the four, the last two, especially destructors become a barrier keeping one from his or her goals.

The FOGET President urged the youth to associate themselves with those who have vision and can challenge them to aspire higher and work hard at their dreams.

While at home for the next three months or so, he advised them to engage in extra curriculum activities including voluntary work or skill learning. Per his apology, gathering work experience through voluntary service at this stage is very critical to their future job creation and employment advantage.

He pleaded with them to take lessons in ICT in blogging, personal website, social media management, Microsoft office and databases management.

Mr Afetsi reiterated on the need for them don’t to shy aware from artisans training like carpentry, masonry, electronic, fashion designing, farming and becoming beauticians: “Nothing happens by chance unless we hard at it.”

A youth enthusiast, Dr Bernard Kyei coached the youngest on life and all that it entails, adding that life is all about the physical, social, financial and spiritual.

Since everything about life revolves around the aforementioned terms, he stressed that it is, therefore, important for them to manage their lives well and shun attitudes such as procrastination and embrace positive things like good health and fitness, happiness, finance and money, relationships, perfectionism and goals.

“Life management simply means the way you live your life: When you plan your time/life on earth, what you plan to do, how to carry out the plans have and when you carry out the plans you have made,” he stated.

A medical doctor of Our Lady of Grace Hospital, Asikuman in the Central Region, added that life management plan is needed to help one to be self-disciplined to remain focus and reduce stress.

He said they can one day beat their chest that has also run the race of life and leave a legacy behind when now they learn how to be focus and self-control, they take perspective, learn how to communicate effectively, make connections, take on challenges and learn more.

He urges them to avoid bad peers, laziness, envy, gossiping, bad manner, cheating recreational drugs and sexual misconducts, and other deviant behaviours

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