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18.06.2019 Feature Article

The Underground Man - Part 14

The Underground Man - Part 14

“Look around prisons in your own society, there conditions are good to have an acceptable life…while freedom is taken away from offenders. When you come to Africa, Ghana like my own country, you will face the complete opposite. Not only freedom of movement is taken away from these people, but their conditions in prison is crying out loud to heaven for change. They lay in prison cells like sardines on the naked floor, side by side sweating. Sickness caused by overcrowded cells, lack of food and proper medical care are the contributors to inhuman behavior of prison officers, authorities and politicians. Presidents of Africa argue lack of funds cause these conditions. That is not true. Africa is a rich continent managed poorly for the benefit of black elites to enjoy good life and Whites enjoying the bad mind of our leaders knowing it helps them to stay above the Black Man. I predict this underlining conflict kept restrained and silenced in public as not seen to be political correct, will emerge again in near future and erupt like a volcano coming out even worse than before. Why is it that human rights organizations and international Media Scene does not campaign that the devastating situation in our prisons will be dealt with as crimes against humanity, as that is what it is? UNO inaction in 1994 to prevent genocide in Rwanda triggered by the former Colonial master Belgium for them to continue their influence over the country shows in the prison cases the same attitude, do something when it does not harm the organization too much but, look out for interventions that can give a good press as good press gives money to the UNO to feed their staff members with good salary and benefits. Prisoners only chop money while serving their sentences. As a matter of fact, when you have lots of money and are convicted, you can walk away from prison for free…no freedom taken away from you. When you are a murderer in prison, your life will end fast, no question asked. What we Blacks do to our own people is inhuman in all aspects. It is not the White Man that does that, it is only in our own societies and more so outside with the so called `good people` that raise a loud voice for anything, but not for people`s conditions in African prisons. Normally, based on minimum human expectations, all governments of Africa should be taken to the ICC in Den Haag and judged…but as long as even the White Man keeps his mouth shut, the inhuman practices in our countries will continue. Moral standards…is a matter of money…money is the basis of power and power is driven by interest. There you can see what and what not is most likely to change in this world”, lectured Joe before two hundred students that had come to hear more about a part of the world thousands of miles away from their own reality.

Joe paused, took water and once chocolate coated biscuit before continuing: “Take another issue we have been facing and you think here it will help us…while in fact it does not.” He paused again to see the reaction of the students. The old Principal appeared at the back and took his seat. “Before I forget, let me briefly mention a system you have here called `Tafeln` to collect food that is still good but Supermarkets can no longer sell and give to the needy. Such a system in Africa would never be possible.”

Joe looked around to see eyes wide open and massive questions facing him. “Let me now come to the issue of AID money and help of the `Good People` that invade our societies as organizations or individuals. Considering that AID support generates for many companies in the developed world hugh profits, while producing products and rendering services given by professionals and volunteers alike a monthly income and sense of life and meaning to their existence. They ignore willingly that the real problems are not touched and solved by their activities. As time passes by more rapidly and African problems, mainly overpopulation, increases daily, the disaster is fast approaching. When world famous philanthropists donate Millions of Dollars into healing people, they ignore the fact more healthy people produce more children and all live a longer life reducing the sources available only for a limited number of people fast. Such people do not demand for African Nations to set up a good working national social system that could potentially reduce the numbers of new Africans arriving on earth. As long as children are needed as the African social system, the numbers will explode over proportioned to safeguard a minimum living condition for the elderly. As African societies are young societies, to build a social system that works for the elderly and needy should not be a problem to implement, unlike the running of such a system in an old age society like Germany.”

“Why do you say all that?” interrupted Peter while standing. “I hear you want the people in Africa to die…or what? When we do not feed them and clothes them, send medication and doctors…the surely will die in their numbers.”

“For how long do you believe is your own society willing to on helping like that? It cannot be for ever and ever…an end must be in sight…in clear sight! …Will they one day wake up and open their eyes, say to us Blacks that we have no reason to complain about our situation as we are independent and can manage our own affairs? Will they not compare us to Asian countries far ahead of our living standards that had the same conditions like us, no natural resources in abundance like us, yet…look where is Singapore , where is Taiwan…South-Korea and Malaysia…today?...And when your people wake up and thy will see behind all the lies of their own leaders and political elite demanding an immediate end to waste precious tax payers money for a situation not moving forward that is supposed to end in better living conditions…unprepared as they are these AID depending countries will fall into the already opened trap and sink for good. We must end this dependency at the right time…and this come has come. We must safe as much people as possible on a longtime scale and not for short-term intervention.”

“The world is never black and white as your outrages scenario is suggesting”, raised Peter again his voice.

“This world is all about Black and White…my friend”, replied Joe getting up from his seat. He walked towards Peter smiling bright.

“How come?” provoked Peter the man from Ghana that was dressed in typical African Wax print made by GTP New Style, labeled `Made in Ghana`.

Joe stood beside Peter shaking his hands while looking firmly into his eyes smiling constantly. Silence filled the assembly hall. Tension was in the air. All eyes rested on Joe, the one of the teachers, of the students. Taking a deep breath, Joe continued: “Adam means `The Black Man` Jesus Christ was never white. The human race was born in Africa opening up for the world to be inherited by men. As we Blacks modeled our immediate environment based on witchcraft, Whites were blessed by religion. Witchcraft is an experience passed on from generation to generation without the wisdom of improvement; religion is a system to better life of humans, a constant learning curve. It is for that reason, Blacks never colonized any Nation, but for Whites to set sail discovering unknown territory and to take dominion over us as our Colonial Masters or now on political and economic grounds. If Africa as united front would use the coming sixty to eighty years that the continent still can benefit financially from its natural resources and transform their societies and economies like their Asian counterparts, being by that time twice the combined population of today´s superpowers, all white countries will be pushed against the wall and fall under the Rulership of the Black Man. No White Man wants such a situation to occur for which reason does everything possible with grim or friendly faces to keep Africans afloat but to ensure Africans will never walk on water. Learn to discover the intentions of the White Man`s spirit behind majestic words of humanity spoken and you will realize what seems so outrages today, a reflection of madness, in fact will manifest itself in a few generations to come. And, let me add, as in every development there is a leader to initiate and guide a process. Ghana will be the country to lead Africa. When Africa rules the world again so that a circle is finally closed, Ghana ultimately will be the World Ruler.”

…to be continued

Karl-Heinz Heerde
Karl-Heinz Heerde, © 2019

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