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17.06.2019 Article

Afghan Chief, Locals Reply 'General Mosquito'?

By Gordon Offin-Amaniampong
Asiedu Nketia
JUN 17, 2019 ARTICLE

"Si vous plait," is what the French say to be polite. But must we be polite or can we be,

after they'd muddied the waters and blamed it on innocent folks?

Ulysses S. Grant the 18th President of the United States (1869-1877) said this and I quote: "There are but two parties now: traitors and patriots. And I want hereafter to be ranked with the latter and I trust the stronger party."

May I humbly ask: Why is it that everybody seems to hold the view, politics is a dirty game? I beg to differ though..I think it's not the act or science itself that's dirty. Rather, it's the actors (politicians) that make the game dirty.

In today Ghana, there are a new breed of political actors who don't care a bit about the nation's progress, peace and safety.

They don't care a bit if the nation will fall into a sinkhole and its people destroyed.

They just don't care a bit.
But should it come down to this road and for what reason?

I'm afraid the likes of Johnson Kwadwo Asiedu Nketia (aka General Mosquito), general secretary of the opposition NDC are increasingly making politics in Ghana unattractive. And I think it's about time such individuals were called to order before their firecracker mouths throw us all under the bus.

Countrymen and women, this one is loud and glaring. And it's easy to see why the quote below deserves much scrutiny and why it's accordingly attracted the attention of an Afghan overlord and his people.It's so atrocious and so outrageous.

In my view, it's the dumbest and most ridiculous utterance I've ever read or heard from a politician since the Fourth Republic was unveiled 27 years ago.

Kwadwo, did you really have to stoop this low for the sake of politics?

“Ghana didn’t fight in the Afghanistan war but Bryan Acheampong who joined the US Army went and fought in that country and bombarded the country destroying it in the process so he’s very known to the people of Afghanistan. If after that the President has appointed him as the head of National Security then that is an open invitation for terrorist attack against Ghana. He is an enemy to the Afghan terrorists and they easily launch an onslaught on their enemies, Bryan Acheampong being at Head of National Security could cause this country problem," says Mr. Nketia.

Indeed, the folly thinks of himself as an Island.
He conceives in his heart evil thoughts and wish that enemies attack his own nation. Oblivious to the approaching destruction and his self-proclaimed Armegedon.

Would he survive the onslaught, if there were such attacks tomorrow?

It begs the question.
Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman statesman and orator says: " A nation can survive its fools, even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within...for the traitor appears not to be a trait...he rots the soul of a nation...he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist."

Please read this particular line carefully.
"..Bryan Acheampong who joined the US Army went and fought in that country and bombarded the country destroying it in the process."

What's Kwadwo Asiedu trying to gain here? Basically, he's telling Afghans that even though Ghana didn't participate in that war but one of our sons in person of Mr. Bryan Acheampong destroyed and bombarded their country.

In effect, he's saying we're your enemies. Therefore retaliation is justifiable-- virtually preaching or sanctioning a tit for tat game sort of.

'Brian joined the US Army went and fought in Afghanistan.." Kwadwo Asiedu tell me:

How does that open an invitation for terrorist attacks against Ghana? The paradox is in his (Mr. Nketia's) myopic mind it does. But isn't that a figment of his own imagination too?

'General Mosquito', we couldn't care less if you'd geographically restricted your wacky utterances to the sub-region without drawing us into it.

Why Afghanistan?
Why'd you have to reference us in this context?

Oh, we learned that you'd been given free rein like a horse-- running around and galloping to and fro. I guess that explains why you went ballistic ...because you'd been in the stable for too long or too little but drunk in cynicism.

Did you think that was a smart idea?
Let this be known to you Kwadwo, Afghans in all parts of the world are peace-loving people.

We don't take delight in destruction and we've no interest in causing terrorist attacks anywhere across the world let alone that beautiful nation---Ghana. Therefore, we condemn your statement and advise that you do not repeat this anywhere anymore.

You appear to suggest that Afghans are wicked and unforgiving. Plus we would go after nations perceived as friends of Americans. That's is so outrageous and unfounded.

Also to think that your minister in charge of National Security fought alongside with American soldiers in Afghanistan and destroyed the nation, thus we will " launch an onslaught" on our enemies is ridiculously absurd.

Mind you if you intend to subvert your own nation don't blame it on Afghans. Don't nurture evil and blame it on Afghans. Where did you learn that Americans' friends are our enemies?

You need to bury your head in shame and circumcise your heart today. Go and sin no more. Go and show love to Ghana.

Stop being a traitor, stop being a saboteur.
Stop being pessimist and stop plotting evil against the country of your birth.

What triggered his comments?
Mr.Asiedu Nketia made the statement in an interview on a local radio station called Kasapa FM while commenting on the arrest of suspected kidnappers of the two Canadian girls that occurred in Kumasi.

The Canadian young ladies have since been rescued and reunited with their families abroad.

In the wake of the outrageous remarks a section of the Ghanaian public took to social media and online news portals to lash out at Mr. Nketia and also to express their displeasure.

Atta Aye wrote: " This xxxxx (I can't print the word) is inviting chaos and anarchy from terrorists to destroy the country. He's inciting acts of violence not to mention causing fear and panic among Ghanaians. He's a dangerous man who needs to be dealt with by the national security for treachery."

"Nketia I beg, you missed this point. My five-year-old daughter won't say what you've just said," wrote Mr. Mugabe.

"Listen to this xxxxx you and your party NDC are planning all terrorist aggression on Ghana. Then turn to accuse the government. Ghana is under no threat than NDC," wrote a unanimous.

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