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16.06.2019 Regional News

Don’t disremember your constituents - Ambitious MP laments

By Atobra Joseph. Winners 98.5 FM
Don’t disremember your constituents - Ambitious MP laments
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An appetent Member of Parliament for Sene East district in the very recently created Bono East region, Mr Daniel Gyamebi has lamented over some politicians who allegedly ignore populace in their constituencies after been voted to represent them in Parliament

According to him, some alleged MPs, CEOs and other people holding government offices neglect their people who once have offer help to them to achieve their political success which he stressed that taken such initiative render inhabitants inexplicable

He appealed to all political entities to always do whatever it takes to endow residents with a qualified accountability to make them feel they are recognized adding that “ I wonder why some people forget to help those who have helped them achieve a political success in their political career” Mr Gyamebi

He indicated that in spite of all downfall of a person he or she should never forget to help those who help them to climb to the top lather of achievable success adding that offering thank you to who help you makes him or her wanting to always support and thirsty to forever aid you

He lamented over some politicians who showcase disloyal conduct to the people they are indebted with answerable describing them as unscrupulous

Me Gyamebi bespeak that showing gratitude to someone for their assistance is vital and should be exercise with impunity

He assured "when am given the mandate and the power to rule the seat of Sene East district as the Member of Parliament I will amend the good job done by my predecessors for the betterment of the people" he opined

He accepted that, he will forever remember his grassroots, residents and the general public but not disremember anyone when voted to power and added that he will make sure every individual in the Sene East District receive a fair share of the National cake

Mr Gyamebi prognosticated that he will use his manhood, money, and materials to ensure the district attain developmental achievement

He tasked Ghanaian citizenry to give moral, psychological, and physical support to Akuffo Addo led's government to act purposefully to bring about development in the Country