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16.06.2019 Feature Article

Arrested Armed Robbers - Congratulations, Ghana Police

Five arrested Nigerian armed robbers - photo credit: Ghana mediaFive arrested Nigerian armed robbers - photo credit: Ghana media
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The recent arrest of some Nigerian men involved in an armed robbery in Ghana is an assurance that Ghana's security has rapidly improved. In fact, this is the time for Ghanaians to gain much confidence in Ghana police, instead of the negative perceptions undermining their work.

There are many reasons armed robbers from Nigeria have now chosen Ghana as their hunting ground. Firstly, Ghanaians are friendly people, secondly, the country is not overpopulated like Nigeria and finally, Ghanaians don’t often lynch or burn armed robbers alive like Nigerians.

The instant brutal justice, daily experienced by armed robbers, through the hands of angry mobs in Nigeria is so barbaric that Nigerian armed robbers now think Ghana is the right place to operate.

In every country, including Ghana, there are criminals, some Ghanaians also, have been involved in criminal activities both at home and abroad but nationals from Nigeria continue to make headlines around the globe with serious criminal activities.

In Italy, a man of Nigerian origin, Emmanuel Egah, was arrested by the Carabinieri – (Italian criminal police) for attempted murder. After a quarrel with his wife, he threw her out the window and after a brief chase through the streets of the Barriera district, he was arrested.

During the house search, the Carabinieri found more than 250 grams of marijuana, two cocaine and cutting substance shells in the house. All over the world, where ever there are Africans in jail, the greater percentage of the prisoners is Nigerians.

This shows that based on the novel of the great Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe's, 'Things Fall Apart,' things are truly falling apart in that country which the center can't hold the people.

In Belgium, some years back, many Nigerians who pretend to be in love with some white women were able to deceive the women to go for large amount of loans from the bank, then later fled to Nigeria, leaving the poor women to carry the debt they aren’t responsible.

With much confidence, I can say that about three decades ago, Ghana is not familiar with armed robbery, now due to the free movement of the Economic Community Of West African States, Ghana has now become a fertile ground for armed robbers mainly from Nigeria, recruiting some Ghanaians into their nefarious activities.

I will take the opportunity to congratulate every effort of the Ghanaian security and the police, engaged to apprehend these ruthless people. This is something good for the Ghanaian government.

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