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Father's Day Wishes From Hon. Patrick Hockson Amponteng (DCE) Wassa Amenfi Central District.

Hon. P.H AmpontengHon. P.H Amponteng
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As we celebrate Fathers' day, it is of great importance that we recount the mud men go through to raise a family regardless of their ability or inability.

In as much as some men do little to support in the upbringing of their Children, a greater majority needs to be commended for their selflessness at times denying themselves basic needs all in the name of providing for family.

On this background, personalities from all aspects of life are sending out goodwill messages to encourage all men to put on the father figure and push through the needle's eye to get a family together.

Hon. Patrick Hickson Amponteng, DCE for Wassa Amenfi Central through Krobia Asante, an aide has sent a warm message to wish all fathers in Amenfi Central District a happy father's day.

Read the Statement below.


My dear citizens and constituents of Amenfi Central and it's environs,

"Father's pride is a special feeling that is most often shared by those who have a father who has listened, loved and cared".

The influence and contribution of adult males today are of Paramount importance to the holistic development and aspirations of the family unit and society in general.

The commitment to, and practice of, responsible actions by the father figure is a crucial element of success in the realization of a young Ward's personal development.

I Hon. Patrick Hockson Amponteng hereby sends a goodwill message and aye koo!!! to all potential fathers in the District.

May the Good Lord grant to you all heavenly wisdom, tolerance, and protection to nurture our future leaders for a brighter tomorrow.

Long live all fathers, long live Amenfi Central District.

.... signed......

Krobia Asante


Desmond Nana Osei
Desmond Nana Osei

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