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15.06.2019 Feature Article

The Senselessness of NDC Rushing to Tag a Kidnapper as a Member of the NPP

The Senselessness of NDC Rushing to Tag a Kidnapper as a Member of the NPP
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bis_size="{"x":20,"y":20,"w":681,"h":1656,"abs_x":341,"abs_y":440}">Sorry to say, the folly of the NDC knows no bounds. Barely had a kidnapper of the two Canadian girls in Ghana arrested when the NDC rushed to organise a press conference to inform the nation and the whole world that the kidnapper is a member of the Delta Force hence an NPP activist. The defunct Delta Force was a vigilante group affiliated with NPP.

Was there any need for the NDC organising a press conference to blame NPP of involvement in the kidnapping of the Canadian girls within hours of the announcement of their rescue from the kidnappers? Assuming that Seidu Mba, one of the kidnappers, is an NPP member as the NDC are gleefully but naively, or maliciously, asserting, have the NPP as a political party, government and a people, declared in the open or secretly, to kidnap any citizen to make the nation insecure and consequently ungovernable for the government? As far as my retentive memory goes, there has not been any such declaration anywhere in Ghana or abroad. Therefore, if Seidu Mba, were a member of the NPP, which of course he is not, how sensible was it for NDC to blame corporate NPP for his crime?

However, there is a solid evidence pertaining to the NDC organising a secret meeting of its communication team and other top members of the party where their National Party Chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, a murderer in disguise, entreated the audience to resort to arson, kidnappings, robberies, insults etc., to make the nation unsafe hence ungovernable. Is it true or false?

Why is it that instead of the notorious NDC members burying their heads in shame, their bodies warming up in excessive body temperature with sweat dripping off their foreheads like beads, they rather choose to come out to point accusing finger at NPP? Have they forgotten the Akan edificatory adage, “Se wo de wo nsa tea baako kyere obi so a, ennan a aka no nyinaa hwe wo so”? It means, if you point an accusing finger at someone, the four remaining fingers point at you. The NDC are very guilty of this Akan proverb, deducing from their rushingly hypocritical accusation against the NPP.

They think Ghanaians with their short memory will always buy into their machinating propaganda but little did they know that within two years of their exit from power, many Ghanaians have greatly come of age to be easily fooled by politicians.

Instead of congratulating the security forces for having done a noble job this time around, the NDC are playing mind games and politics with dangerous kidnapping that has the potential to tarnish the image of Ghana to cost the nation economic benefits.

Politicising the kidnapping to score cheap political popularity is the last thing any Ghanaian with common sense should entertain. Trying their hardest to play the game of equalisation will not help the NDC for after all, a crime is a crime and no amount of propaganda can wipe the slate clean once a crime is certified to have been committed. 

Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, once a purported brave and powerful figure in Ghana, but now a coward who cannot own up and man up to his plots, is on record to have incited some NDC faithful to commit various crimes in Ghana as are mentioned above. He is now seeking refuge in what is “doctoring” to save himself from going to languish in prison for some time. The voice on the tape has not been doctored. It was his real voice hence he has to face the tune of the music as a man who can proudly stand up to defend his beliefs but not as a coward who at the crack of the finger retreats to eat back his sputum.

Many people, among whom is the NPP Ashanti Regional Chairman, Mr Bernard Antwi Boasiako, alias Chairman Wontumi, have come out to say that Seidu Mba, the arrested kidnapper suspect is a member of the NDC and was once the personal protection officer (bodyguard) for Ibrahim Mahama, alias Pepeni No 1 & 2, the younger sibling of former President John Dramani Mahama. The NDC are still denying it but insisting that he is a member of the NPP. 

Whether Seidu Mba is an NDC or an NPP does not come into the equation. We are not here to solve the simultaneous equation of Seidu Mba is an NPP=a kidnapper and Seidu Mba is an NDC =1/2 a kidnapper. So what is Seidu Mba?

We have arrested a kidnapper who is to be treated as a criminal meriting arraignment in court, prosecution, conviction and sentencing to years of jail term. The party colouration of the criminal will not help anyone. 

Let us all join hands to make Ghana safe to the shame of the little minds within the NDC who for their insatiable greed and quest for power and wealth have demeaned themselves by hatching evil and supporting evil with intent to bring the ruling government down.

Ofosu Ampofo should not cowardly recoil into his shell like a tortoise prodded with a stick. He should accept his fault, come out as a gentle man and apologise to the nation and the people of Ghana for devising such evil plots against the nation. Again, he must accept any punishment that comes with his unfortunate schemes without seeking shelter in the wrongful solidarity being provided him by his equally wicked NDC members.

Rockson Adofo 

(Saturday, 15 June 2019)


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