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24.01.2006 Business & Finance

Money Show Slated for Ghana

By AITEC Ghana Ltd

Financial Services & Investment Exhibition Accra International Conference Centre, 17-19 October 2006 Accra, Ghana

Up until now, managing your money has been pretty straightforward. What comes in less what goes out equals what we have left. What could be simpler? But businesses and individuals will be looking for more creative ways of managing their money and looking for longer term financial security when they visit the MoneyShow, one of a series of exhibitions organised by AITEC for the financial services industry.

Financial analysts believe that Ghana will continue to show an upswing in growth in 2006 making it the most buoyant economy in West Africa. This has been achieved by prudent financial housekeeping by the government which has brought real stability to the currency, a drop in inflation and more affordable interest rates. All of this is good news as it encourages business confidence, investment and economic growth.

With more personal and business wealth available, competition amongst banks and other institutions offering financial services is at an all time high. Seeing potentially rich pickings, foreign banks have begun to invest in Ghana giving businesses and consumers an ever wider choice of financial products and services.

The Money Show will bring together under one roof a wide range of financial and money-management products and services including corporate, consumer and investment banking, insurance, non-banking finance, real estate, mortgages, shares and equities, retirement pension planning, credit cards, car loans, savings plans, online banking, leasing and financial consulting services and much more.

First held in 2001, the 3-day event will provide a one-stop shop for all financial products and services to individuals, investors, traders, financial planners, and professionals from Ghana and the region.

Entrepreneurs and new businesses

A growing number of Ghana's top companies have only been in business for a few short years. While many long established businesses are being forced to re-structure to remain alive, a new enterprise culture is emerging focused on innovative technologies and delivering global standards.

Budding entrepreneurs, those starting a new business or existing businesses with ambitions to grow, will have access to a wide range of business services and networking opportunities at an event sharing the same venue with the Money Show.

BIZlink is a one-stop exhibition offering a complete range of business services, support and advice to growing enterprises. Visitors are expected from government, corporate business and SME's, new business start-ups, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors, foreign diplomats, management and marketing consultants and graduates as well as high net-worth individuals and more.

Specific methods to build profits in any business “Everyone knows we're living in a dangerous economy. Businesses must deal with rolling recessions, the impact of terrorism, the promise or peril of globalization, and the promise or peril of rapidly emerging technology. To succeed, businesses need to be agile and entrepreneurial, highly innovative, produce more, quicker and at lower cost and higher quality maintaining superior customer service,”

says business guru Wayne Eisenhart on his second visit to Ghana.

How should your business or department react to all this in a way that gives you an edge over competing businesses?

These and other topics will be presented in an unusual style focusing on simple, easy to implement techniques with an emphasis on the practical, the do-able, and the proven workable at an intensive two day course guaranteed to improve your company's competitiveness and increase profitability. Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs runs concurrent with the Money Show and BIZlink from 17-19 October 2006 at the Accra International Conference Centre, Ghana.