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15.06.2019 Poem

Withered Flower

Withered Flower

Darkness fall on the side of season

That was all to their reason

For the moment lost

To the monument of the grave

Rain sweeps the dryness

Thunder strikes on the grave

There! Rising of hope for ghosts

Shhh! Shhhh! Silence!

Breaking the silence of the night

Ghost walk down the lane,

streets, allies, valleys, and railways..

Flashbacks of wonderful memories of the past

Hoooo hweee the whistling wind whistles

All through the darkness alone

Wishes upon wishes wished to be real

Through the darkness of the night alone

Yet they remain in the cold and lost

Craning their necks through their old homes’ windows

Break of dawn alerts them

as they walk sorrowfully in their tattered

cloth, back to the grave where they lay

the appearance of the sun reminds the dead,

they are no more living among the living but rather the grave

Do right, and fulfil your dreams with the life you have