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It Is An Insult To Call WASS An Underdog School: Cheap Journalism!

It Is An Insult To Call WASS An Underdog School: Cheap Journalism!
LISTEN JUN 14, 2019

The story reported by Oswald Azumah and published on MYJOYONLINE on June 13, 2019 (in relation to the National Science and Maths Quiz) that referred to West Africa Secondary School (WASS) as an underdog is nothing short of the impudence of a cheap reporter! This is how class conflict starts. This is how bourgeoisie oppression operates. This is how divisiveness begins. This is how classism begins. This is how a superiority complex begins, and this is how an exaggerated ego begins. This is how enmity begins. We rename, rebrand, and profile to neutralize the social and economic injustice we do to humanity.


How are dare you call WASS or any other school an underdog school? This is nothing less than inanity. It is brazen impudence that inscribes marginalization on others.


I am forever a proud student of WASS. I cherish the school, much as l respect other schools. I do not judge other schools through the prism of my school. I don't consider my school inviolable. I don't consider my school privileged. I respect all schools because they are all filled by human beings who are differently but equally endowed by God.


Consequently, regardless of the context, to use the word 'underdog' to designate WASS or any other school in relation to others is insulting and bigotry. It is myopic. It is arrogance. It is queer. It is trash. It is baseless. It is imposing imaginary inferiority on others. It is promoting unnecessary 'old boyism or old girlsm', which feeds and sustains corruption in Ghana. It is this kind of dimwit thinking that straitjackets some schools.


It is this nonsense that feeds the minds of some people to think, based on the school they attended, that they are better than others and should be given preferential treatment. It is this same stupidity that makes some people think they are more Ghanaian than others to govern! It is this same illogicality that ascribes divine right to some people to illegally amass the wealth of Ghana. Ghana has suffered retrogression because of divisiveness based on negative old school alliances.


This story by myjoyonline is imbecile and irrational, and senseless. It is about time we respected all schools equally. Much as we are partly products of our schools, what becomes of us (from the humanistic point of view) depends on us. Ultimately, it depends on the Triune God.

Lazy and divisive journalism! This nonsense of labeling and low-profiling schools must stop now. Trash!



Charles Prempeh ([email protected]), African University College of Communications, Accra

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