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13.06.2019 Health

COA Launches Immune Booster

By Beyonce Diamond Kpogli
COA Launches Immune Booster
JUN 13, 2019 HEALTH

The Center of Awareness global peace mission has officially launched COA FS dietary supplement as an immune booster yesterday in Accra.

COA FS is fast gaining grounds both in Ghana and abroad as a “miracle product” following testimonies that it has brought relief to persons living with various sickness, including cancer, diabetes, and kidney complications.

Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan, the President of Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission, emphasised that the product, the COA FS, is a food supplement and not for any therapeutic purposes, neither is it a replacement for Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ATR).

Providing insight of the product on Tuesday in Accra, Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan said, the COA FS, which is purely herbal based, could destroy about 80 per cent of the HIV virus within two hours of its administration, with a negative effect on the human DNA.

He said he discovered the formula for the potential cure after several years of waiting on the Lord for an answer to ensure global peace.

According to him, it was likely that due to its efficacy, some peddlers of the food supplement were unfortunately misinforming the public by stating that it was a cure for HIV/AIDS.

He added that, the product had been registered with the Food and Drugs Authority and has undergone rigorous scientific laboratory analysis by internationally recognised research institutions including the Akuapem-Mampong Centre for Plant Medicine.

Dr Ato Duncan further added that, Centre for Awareness will come out with a cure for HIV/AIDS, however, the COA FS was currently not a cure.

Dr Duncan said COA, which was a locally established vibrant social non-governmental organisation in the Central Region, was committed to serving humanity irrespective of their colour, race, position, political or religious affiliation.

It was also, among other objectives, to research and develop drugs that could treat and cure many deadly diseases that affected humanity and threaten their existence.

Some clients, who had benefited from the use of the COA FS, were at the launch on Tuesday to testify to how the product had helped in improving their individual conditions and had now become the product's ambassadors.