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13.06.2019 Opinion

Hmmmm, Oman Ghana: Asem Kesie Ebeba Debi Ankasa, Anaaa?

By Kofi Thompson

Our nation's hard-of-hearing political class and mostly-conscienceless Ghanaian media world are jam-packed with greedy and shady-self-seekers, determined to enrich themselves at the expense of our country, and ordinary people - whom they invariably hold in great contempt, secretly, incidentally.

Alas, both sets of sly-nation-wreckers are all getting away with their chicanery, today, because the decent, discerning and independent-minded silent-majority in our hardworking middle-class-demographic, prefer to sit on the proverbial fence, minding their own business.

In that light, is there any wonder that super-rogues like the arrogant and vile Bernard Antwi Boasiakos, are powerful figures in our country, today, and that the never-ending-need for money to fund the opaque activities of the constituent parts of the NPP/NDC duopoly, has turned both parties into criminal hot-money-profits-laundering-organisations, more or less? Hmmmm, Oman Ghana eyeasem o - asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa!

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