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24.01.2006 Crime & Punishment

Mason allegedly killed by lightning


Aflao, Jan. 24, GNA - A residential apartment was on Monday struck by lightning during a rainstorm at Viepe Aflao killing a man and injuring another.

The lightning set the deceased's room ablaze, destroyed all personal belongings, burnt and disfigured the deceased, Anthony Kuvodu, 33, a Mason.

The injured named only as Afadina, a Fisherman, who was in the house to demand a debt and was leaning against a wall, received burns at his back.

A source close to the family said Kuvodu, left for work in the morning but returned when the rains threatened. He said the lightning struck a television pole, destroyed it and hit Kudovu through the window. As such incidents are linked to powerful fetishes in the area, the Denu police who arrived at the scene did not undertake any inspection or carry the body away. Meanwhile, the incident is being attributed to a theft case in the house some months ago, which was allegedly reported at Kadza shrine at Nogokpo.

Kuvodu's body has been carried away to the shrine for some rituals. The family would have to pay a ransom before his body is to be returned to them or the body shall be kept on a wooden platform outside Nogokpo to rot, sources close to the shrine told the GNA.