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11.06.2019 General News

Kpandai MP Rubbishes UG Report On Parliamentarians

Hon.Mathew NyindamHon.Mathew Nyindam

Hon Matthew Nyindam, Member of Parliament (MP) for Kpandai Constituency in the Northern Region and Deputy Majority Whip, has rubbished the survey report by the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana (UG) and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

According to him, elections and political parties are dynamics and that it was inaccurate for the researchers to use prevailing political issues to determine the outcome of 2020 Elections.

The joint survey has revealed that about 49.5 per cent of electorates across the country are likely not to vote to retain their Members of Parliament if the 2020 elections were held today.

The Researchers claimed they used a total of 27,500 respondents, of which 14,712 been males and 12,788 females.

But commenting on the Survey Report on Onua FM, monitored by Modernghana, the Kpandai lawmaker discredited the report, arguing that, using five electoral areas in each constituency in their sampling was inaccurate to arrive at the performance of an MP.

Mr Nyindam said, political parties changes even before the election as well as the dynamics, stressing that, some people could use a few months to win elections which the survey failed to consider.

He further debunked the report which claims that some MPs do not visit their constituencies after being voted into office, noting that apart from some of them were large, some are also disjointed.

The Deputy Majority Whip said, in the smaller constituencies, the MP is visible because as soon as he arrived, everybody in the town would hear that he or she is in but that cannot be said of a larger constituency.

Mr Nyindam also blamed the political and governance structures, pointing that even projects and programs that the people should be demanding from the central government through the District Assemblies, they are rather asking the MP.

He explained that MPs usual campaign on the vision of the President of the country because it is the President who embarks on development when elected and not the MP, but faulted other potential MPs who makes promises beyond their scope of work.

Nevertheless, the Kpandai lawmaker advised his colleagues to take the report serious as not everything in the survey is negative, saying that, it would serve as a guide as elections are not yet due.