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10.06.2019 Health

NABCo Boss Holds Free Health Screening For Temale Central

By Iddrisu Ablayi Tahiru
NABCo Boss Holds Free Health Screening For Temale Central
LISTEN JUN 10, 2019

Dr Anyars Ibrahim, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nation Builders Corps (NABCo) and a Parliamentary Candidate hopeful for the Tamale Central Constituency has organised a free medical screening for more than residents in Tamale to improve on their health.

Dr Anyars said the screening formed part of the activities to mark the end of the fasting period.

He noted that most often the aged became fragile to diseases, hence the free health screening to know their various ailments and provide better treatment.

Dr Anyars said the medical screening seeks to proverb early care to promote the wellbeing of members in the constituency.

He said he would continue to organise similar exercises to ensure that the people in his constituency were healthy.

He urged the citizenry, especially the aged, to undergo periodic medical check-ups to know their health status to prevent them from falling ill.

The screening was undertaken by a medical team comprising Doctors, Physicians, Nurses, Health Workers and held at seven different centers within the constituency namely; Markaziya, Wataniyya, Masjidul Bayan, Anbariyya, Nurul Islam, Central Mosque and Hajia Mariam Alolo Center.

The team registered hundreds of residents at each of the centers who went through various health screenings such as diabetes, blood pressure, hepatitis B, malaria, Tuberculosis.

Most of them were detected to have high blood pressure, malaria, hepatitis 'B', jaundice, body weakness, and dental problems among other diseases.

Drugs were administered on those tested with minor infections while serious cases were referred to health centres for further diagnosis and treatment.

The beneficiaries expressed their happiness and thanked Dr Anyars for this kind gesture.

They said this was the first of its kind in the constituency and asked for more.

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