Sun, 09 Jun 2019 Press Release

Fraternal congratulations to the Nkrumahists of South Dayi

Fraternal congratulations to the Nkrumahists of South Dayi

This is a great day for the Republic of Ghana and the advancement of a people’s democracy in our nation. Eighteen months before the 2016 elections, The Convention of Nkrumaists of North America (CNNA) embarked on national process to begin unity of the Nkrumahists across the country, working with the leadership elements of the relevant parties. This effort was not immediately successful, like earlier unity efforts but the model we proposed has been born today in South Dayi.

We congratulate Comrade Kofi Nani (Explo) and the Nkrumahists of South Dayi in setting an operational example for Nkrumahists across the country. Through your work, we have moved from concept to operations. Be assured that CNNA will continue to work to re-build the confidence of Nkrumahists across the country and encourage all members of our political family to identify themselves publicly and confidently because the new day for an alternative government to replace the Dukadaya NDC-NPP duopoly is surely coming.

The masses have finally realized that we are a neo-colonial state, operating a neo-colonial economy that has denied the broad citizenry of social and economic justice, which is the essence of Nkrumahism. We encourage Nkrumahists in all constituencies to learn from South Dayi and achieve the goal of one Nkrumahist candidate for each constituency and we shall be duly rewarded by the voting public.

Let us continue to face forward, neither east nor west, in the words of the Founder of the Nation of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Let us march forward together for our great nation.

Prof. Thaddeus Ulzen, Chairperson
Dr. Kofi Roberts, Secretary-Treasurer
Mr. J. Kwasi Budu, CEO
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