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07.06.2019 Opinion

Ghana At Heart

By Samuel Kyeremeh
Ghana At Heart
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I cherished the people around me when I finally received the naturally inevitable transition from my mother's womb to the earthly world.

In the pool of blood where I laid, I admired the dark skin colour, the interesting Ghanaian language and accent, their cultural practices, norms and beliefs, not forgetting their patriotism and their hospitality. I got into a higher degree of ecstasy when I got the information that I have been brought to a nation equipped with abundant minerals and natural resources.

I also heard of the good vegetation, the water bodies, mountain ranges, the wildlife and other interesting sceneries like the Adome bridge, Kakum national park, Aburi Botanical Gardens among others that give a nice aesthetic view for the nation.

The high commitment to sanitation, environmental protection and conservation also aroused my euphoria. As I was growing, I was deeply enticed with the fertility of the soil for our farmers. Those days when we had the best yield from our farms. Those days when crop pest and diseases were in a tolerable range. Those days where seasonal and climatic conditions were favourable to crop production.

I appreciated the quality drinking water from our rivers and streams, the springs, the ponds and other water bodies encompassing us.

I appreciated how the entire folks of my community were committed to communal and other voluntary activities with the sole aim of keeping our surroundings clean. Juxtaposing now and then, I ask myself numerous questions such as; What has changed from the normal?

What has gone wrong?
Where are those citizens who were selfless, patriotic and committed to good moral standards?

Why do we lately embrace other countries and despise our own?

A country blessed with fertile land like that of Canaan.

Our land is enriched with rivers, springs and underground water gushing out into its valleys. A land that produces tubers, grains and cereals, grapes and fruits, honey and milk yet hunger is at our doorstep.

A nation whose rocks contain precious minerals and its hills having deposits of major gold belts. Bauxite, gold, diamond, manganese, salt and oil deposits are not far from us.

Nevertheless, we beg from country to country for survival, we go in for loans with detrimental terms and conditions for the country, unemployment increases with increasing seconds. Poor road and housing is pressing my people.

In an attempt to keep hope alive, I turned to the youth and guess what I saw;

I saw most of them engaging in deviant behaviors such as drug abuse with tramadol being the recent discovery, cyber fraud and robbery have employed most of our youth. Illegal immigration has resulted in killing most of our youth before their time. I was deeply astonished and dumbfounded. Hmm… they have failed the nation.

I turned to look at the graduates and the intellectuals. I said to myself, these ones have the antidote to the existing canker. To my outmost surprise, I found a lot of them preoccupied with books, theories, hypothesis, formulas and many more.

Some find difficulties in converting these ideas into useful forms. Others are handicapped financially, in terms of technology and encouragement.

A little amongst are trying their best to deliver but are obstructed by their fellow scholars who use their knowledge and insight gained to develop various propagandas using statistical equations, technical terminologies and big vocabularies that are difficult to decipher and comprehend due to their own parochial interests causing the ordinary Ghanaian to be confused and hopeless.

I however pondered over it and realized that each Ghanaian belongs to a religious sect whose teachings and doctrines are against corruption, stealing, bribery and nepotism. If so, then what message do their congregation receive? Good moral conduct or negligence to norms? Selfishness or selflessness?

Are they correcting or collecting? Teaching or pinching the poor souls?

Are they rebuking evil or rebooking for consultations? Are they teaching truth or fallacies? Facts or dogma? Do they lately share the world or sell the world?

Quoting what prophet Jeremiah once said: “I wish my head was a well of water and my eyes a fountain of tears, so that I could cry day and night for my people"

The countrymen are gradually turning unfaithful and traitors. Truth has been very scarce to find than treasures.

Murderers roam through the countryside. Inhabitants risk their lives as they go in search for daily bread. Evildoers live among my people; they lie in wait like those who lay nets to catch birds but their traps are rather meant to catch people. Oh my God! What a prey-predator relationship we live in. All I hear is dupe, loot and plunder.

Arise oh the youth of my country and campaign for change. For the nation demands our devotion. Ghana can restore the good old days, Yes She can!

If the countrymen develop a stronger affinity for change.

It is possible, it is achievable, it is accomplishable when the youth contribute their strength as an instrument for change rather than forming forces for brutality and viciousness.

A wake-up call on all and sundry; party activists, Serial callers, politicians, communicators and journalists preach transformation instead of politics of insult, backbiting, backstabbing, chastises and hullabaloos.

To my noble religious leaders, call for change, speak moral values.

Law enforcing agencies, execute the law.
Let us all join hands and contribute our quota to nation building.

Ghana need me, you and us to bounce back to its productive state.

God bless Ghana and replenish all the benefit of old.

Ghana, the Glorious Home All Nations Admire.

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