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22.01.2006 CPP News

CPP Central Committee recommends dismissal CPP MPs


Accra, Jan. 22, GNA - The Central Committee of the Convention People's Party (CPP) has referred a motion it passed in Kumasi calling for the dismissal of the Party's three Parliamentarians to its Disciplinary Committee for the necessary action.

The Parliamentarians are: Mr Freddie Blay, Second Deputy Speaker and MP for Ellembele; Dr Paa Kwasi Nduom, MP for Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abirem and Minister of State in Charge of Public Sector Reforms and Mr Kojo Armah, MP for Evalue-Gwira. A statement Mr John Benjamin Daniels, Deputy General Secretary of CPP, signed at weekend, said the decision was taken at a Central Committee meeting held in Kumasi as part of a workshop.

The statement said at the meeting the Central Committee members' attention was formally drawn to a press release from the three Parliamentarians and "after exhaustive discussion involving the review of the track record of the conduct of the Parliamentarians, members of the Central Committee were of the firm view that the three Parliamentarians deserved to be dismissed from the Party. A motion to that effect was overwhelmingly carried."

The Committee finally decided to refer the motion to the National Disciplinary Committee.

The statement said: "The CPP deems it a duty to it public that it took serious view of the various and cumulative acts of indiscipline, disloyalty, bringing the Party into disrepute, contempt and public ridicule and breaching provision of the Party's Constitution. It said; "the CPP is a democratic and disciplined political tradition. It seeks to encourage free expression of views. In the best traditions of the Party, democratic centralism is upheld as a core and necessary value".

The statement observed: "After a critical and dispassionate reflection of the activities of the three Parliamentarians, the Central Committee came to the conclusion that the Party's tolerance of freedom of expression had, unfortunately, been misinterpreted to mean weakness on its part and that of its Leadership".

It said the Party of over the years had noted with increasing concern and alarm, the destructive attempts by small group of opportunistic elements to use it as vehicle to for their personal material gains to the detriment of the Party's interest and political fortunes.

"The party has been provoked, abused, and maligned to such an extent that our supporters, admirers and sympathisers doubted whether the Party could ever pluck the courage to stand up and be counted". The statement stressed: "These destabilizing forces have increasingly felt emboldened in recent times with the support of State apparatus, the aim being to weaken the Nkrumahist forces, keep their front divided and use the CPP in all kinds of devilish machinations." It said: There is no going back to the culture and dark days of indiscipline and opportunism. We know that we have the overwhelming support of the Party in Ghana and the Nkrumahist movement in the world at large."

The statement called on Party activists to remain resilient and steadfast as no amount of vitriolic attacks and intimidation would distract the Leadership from its historic mission to build the CPP as a viable alternative to the prevailing policies that have resulted in untold hardship and sufferings to the majority of Ghanaians. 22 Jan. 06