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07.06.2019 General News

US based Deliverance FM and Foundation Support the Needy In Ghana

By Afrikan Post
US based Deliverance FM
LISTEN JUN 7, 2019
US based Deliverance FM

US Based Deliverance FM has continued its tradition of giving to the needy and supporting orphaned Children In Ghana.

In May 2019, Rev. Harry and Rev. Mrs. Bertha Domfeh with a team from Various Parts of the World visited the Cherub Children’s Home at Apire near Santasi in Kumasi to encourage the children, pray for them, presented funds to support their education, and provided toiletries for the maintenance of the orphanage. The team also feted the children with some food and goodies from the United States.

Speaking to the Afrikan Post Rev. Harry Domfeh said it is their heartfelt wish that they could extend this gesture to every part of Ghana. He went on to say that it has always been the vision of deliverance FM USA to support the needy and making provision for orphanages is an integral part of their ministry. Rev. Mrs. Bertha on her part said “Anyone who takes care of orphans receives unmerited favor of the Lord. We come to Ghana every year to do this because of the compassion we have for the underprivileged children. It is a blessing to give than to receive”. She appealed to everyone to come to the aid of the needy with whatever they are blessed with.

Deliverance FM is a USA based radio station dedicated to prayer and deliverance. Rev. Harry Domfeh and his wife Rev. Bertha established the station about 6 years ago in Cleveland Ohio. Many Ghanaian orphanages have benefited immensely from their benevolence. They have over the years organized deliverance crusades in various cities in the United States where testimonies abound.

They have extended their outreach program to Ghana with the establishment of a Deliverance Prayer Center at

Anwiankwanta – Abenkyim off the Kumasi to Obuasi Highway. The couple and their team have built a huge facility which they plan to extend to a residential camp in the coming years.

The couple presented several bags of rice and cooking oil to widows at the Deliverance FM Prayer Camp. Hundreds of people benefited from this gesture.

Deliverance FM has set a great example and could not have done it without the support of its partners. They would like to extend their appreciation to all patrons, ministers, friends, and members of the ministry through whose efforts this trip has made a difference.

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