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06.06.2019 Opinion

Fighting The Demon – Corruption

By Emmanuel Kwabena Wucharey

The devil which can be called the demon is difficult to fight and eradicated. Even in time past, in history, the demon could not be fought completely in heaven and was thrown to the earth. The fight against corruption which the Vice President of Ghana likened to fighting the demon is defective, non-strategic and powerless in Ghana. The systems, procedures and the people in charge of this eternal battle are demonic. The ease with which people carry out schemed corrupt activities is worrying. The talk and the plans often rolled out to fight this canker that is eating into the moral fortitude of our system is much ado about nothing. The plans and systems seem to be mere rhetoric and cacophonous political lyrics that are sung to ease the emotions of people infuriated by news of corrupt acts.

The demon itself is not tackled in many of the plans and battles declared and to fight this enemy of ours. The demon is a spirit that is not felt and seen and as such it moves everywhere, dances with us, eats with us, jokes with us and destroys us later. The demon is in our midst all the time. He is our brethren, our friend, our blood relative and our associate. The complex relationship between us and the demon is making the war against him a joke. He knows us all too well, can identify our weaknesses, can advise us and take part in our decision-making processes. The demon is in us and getting rid of things that can be found within us is invariably impossible. The demon is at home and mingles with us, our parents and the elderly. One of these individuals will see the fight against the demon a sin and a fight against their brother.

Corruption is very difficult to fight because it is inherently mixed in the blood of the people who partake in activities of its very nature. The demon is not the physical appearance of a being but the spirit in the blood of the being is the demon. Corruption is demonic because it can be seen in the face of the persons who practice it. The demon is an unseen spirit and this makes fighting it extremely difficult. Fighting corruption may seem like the fight against the devil because those who are actually corrupt cannot be identified by appearance. What makes the demon so difficult to fight is it cannot be identified. It has a complex nature and looks angelic to people. The demon can behave like a friend, family member, a classmate or even an acquaintance. Corruption is a complex and properly schemed plan by individuals within the state to achieve a parochial goal. The systems and plans built by the government appear workable only on paper. The real nature of corruption has not been found in reality. It is a modern spirit that is indwelling in people who cannot be seen just like the devil. The corrupt people actually live elsewhere and use others as the conduit to achieve their objectives. In such a situation, only the shade of those involved in the act is followed or chase after.

To firmly get a grasp of the demon, the fighters need to be sanctified in their dealings with friends of the devil. They must cut any links with the demon and his associates. The fighters must not mingle with the affairs of the family of the demon. The demon can only be fought if the possessors allow themselves to be cleaned and used by an angelic spirit. The demon, if it dwells in an individual for long, will not be animated to depart if its abode is roomy enough to accommodate it. The fight against corruption is akin to that of demons because individuals within the state that must abhor corruption harbor it. People with the chains of demonic spirits are delivered when they have a strong willingness to cut links with the demon. People who are corrupt cannot be delivered because they find nothing wrong with the act. Some people are fed from the fruits of the acts of corruption. In such a situation, fighting and eradicating corruption will be rejected by these individuals. Their associates will not find the war against corruption pleasant and their quest to oppose the fight process will equally be heightened. The case in court between the SP and a former minister is an instance. The supporters of the former minister should allow due process to prevail and not be deterrent to the legal procedure put in place to test the law. The parties involved in the case should have a fair playground to apply the laws of the country. Demons have counterparts and friends who may not allow their own to be in trouble.

This foreshadows an eternal fight against all the demonic spirits in the kingdom of the dark. The persons possessed by the spirit of the demon need to have the willingness to be delivered and the person that wishes to clean the possessors of the person of the demonic spirits need to be spotless in their armory. The demon will continue to operate in darkness if it has a dwelling place to operate and live. Corruption thrives because people give it the space and a fertile ground to nurture. The weapons to fight the demon are attitudinal changes that need to be embraced by all. Since the devil does not need to repent, his devastating activities will not cease. In-house cleaning is a better means to fight demonic spirits.

Emmanuel Kwabena Wucharey.
(A Citizen of Kamampa )

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