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06.06.2019 Opinion

A Test Of Patriotism; June 7th Peaceful Assembly Is Inescapable

By Daniel Pongay
A Test Of Patriotism; June 7th Peaceful Assembly Is Inescapable

Comrades and Compeers, Sons and daughters of the Poverty-Stricken Masses, Devotees of Egalitarianism; Proponents, and Crusaders of Social Justice and Peace.

With fearless gallantry and peerless heroism, I bring you unbending revolutionary greetings.

Comrades, Liberia is at a tinderbox, and it’s incumbent upon us as ideologues to provide oversight as the masses move into history.

As a nationalist, I vehemently and overwhelmingly support the June 7th Peaceful Protest in Liberia.

Protest has been a conduit for so many struggles around the world that brought in positive changes, but some lamebrains have chosen to interpret protest from the retired boots of an ex. Soccer legend.

On August 28, 1963, hundreds of thousands of African Americans came under the banner of “Jobs and Freedom “ in the United States. The great march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was a transformational event, at the march, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, delivered his historic “ I have a Dream “ speech in which he called for an end to racism.

This march is credited with helping to pass the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964 and preceded the Selma voting rights movement which led to the passage of the VOTING RIGHT ACT of 1965.

Mohandas Gandhi emancipated India in the 1930s and 40s, through Peaceful protestations that led to India gaining her independence in 1947.

South Africa has been dubbed “ The protest capital of the world “ with one of the highest rates of public protests in the World; and France as well.

South Africans protest daily for the below multiple reasons.

1. Unequal and Segregated distribution of land in both rural and urban areas.

2. The demand for housing
3. Poor service delivery ( water and sanitation)
4. Government corruption
5. Undemocratic structure of wards and development forums. Etc.

Despite walloping protestations in South Africa, South Africa is far better than Liberia as it relates to HUMAN RESOURCE AND INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENTS.

Protest is meant to sharpen contradictions in society, most especially when the objective conditions exit.

The irony of Liberians is that we are in the constant habit of vilifying patriots that are standing in defense of the state and canonizing officials that are looting the state, it’s pathetic.

We have dressed too many dictators in our country’s history, let us be warned. The June 7th Protest is necessary for the following reasons.

1.Article 17th of the 1986 Constitution acknowledges Peaceful assembly/ Protest.

2. Precipitous acquisition of Wealth by our President: A. His recent 47 Apartments, Church, Gymnasium, Movie theater and a mini stadium.

B. Renovation of his Jamaica resort to a 1st class resort.

C. He bought a 50 acres of land in Marshall.
D. Deconstruction of his house on 9st, to construct a gargantuan one. Etc.

3. The inability of our President to make his assets vivid.

4. The inability of government officials to declare their assets; in the midst of economic challenges, acquisitions of wealth are escalating.

5. The inability of the President and his lieutenants to uphold the constitution; likewise, the PPCC and the Code of Conduct Laws.

6. US$ 1.5 million( Taxpayers’ money) was given to the wife of the President ( Madam Clar Weah) for humanitarian purposes; ironically, it went into her private account (Clar’s foundation).

7. Under President Weah, Liberia remains a safe heaven for War and Economic criminals. Recently, we all witnessed a group of ruffians and recalcitrants, under the banner of “Ex. Generals” threatened a sitting Lawmaker, their action had a propensity of impeding our peace and security but nothing was done to them, it was alleged that they are stooges of government.

8. The emergence of Anarchy; Our President has transformed into a Black Fascist.

9. Our government has become a disgrace to international partners .( Donors funds were illegally taken, the act of stealing donors funds has tarnished the reputation of our Country and its people).

10. The inability of our President to reunite every Liberian, regardless of their political affiliation. Our President has become a divisive Leader.

11. The constant deduction of civil servants’ and professors’ salaries; The inability of the government to provide basic needs for hospitals around Liberia.

12. The Depletion of our Country’s reserve; Pronouncements by our President that are not in the budget, like the case of the knee-Jerk Free Tuitions scheme at the University of Liberia and other public undergraduate institutions, which has caused an impediment to smooth operations.

13. Our President has prioritized mediocrity over merit.

14. The Country’s economic growth rate is 0.4% but our officials have the following budgetary allotments:

A. Pres. Weah — US$ 3.3 million
B. VP. Taylor— US$ 2.2 million
C. Speaker Chambers— US$ 1.2 million
D. Pro Temp Chie — US$ 1.3 million
15. The inability of the government to prioritize the Agriculture Sector; Undermining the Maputo Declaration on Agriculture.

16. The inability of this government to audit the previous officials of government.

17. Corruption is at a zenith point; the GAC report can relate.

There are many counts, but the above are sufficient to SAVE THE STATE.

Henceforth, let me demystify the impoverished sophistries spewed out by stooges, pseudo- revolutionaries and bootlickers, who have chosen to unscrupulously defend the PRO-CROOKS.

In every struggle, the cardinal interests of the people are the objective conditions, not those leading the struggle.

And lastly, Protestations were the modus operandi of cdcians, yesteryears. When did cdcians realize the negative effects of protest on a government?


We are resolved, June 7th is inescapable, our people will be emancipated. Aluta!

Cde. Daniel T.D Pongay
Senior Representative/CC ( CGAF)

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