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06.06.2019 Feature Article

The Church does not teach you to save, Beware II

The Church does not teach you to save, Beware II
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Balancing your money is the key to having enough. Elizabeth Warren

Learning to balance your income is one vital key and attitude required to make riches as well as build wealth in life. Without it, no man will ever attain financial freedom in his lifetime. This is not a reserve of the secular world only. The church of God must be taught to save money also. Without it, there will never be financial freedom.

It starts with the principle of paying yourself first. I believe in the tithe as well as giving out your Sunday offering. Before anything else, deduct your tithe and your personal savings. What you save for yourself is a personal decision. However, make sure you do not save less than your tithe, thus ten percent of your income. Until you have paid yourself, all other demands are trivial. Remember, God does not approve giving to Him without giving to yourself. Do not crucify yourself for failing to meet other demands in the church when you can't, for God will not crucify you for it.

Savings is very important in life. With it, we can have control over future emergencies as well as prepare for opportunities when they show up, for luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

The next edition of this post will enlighten us on some of the things we can do with our savings to keep purse full always.

By Isaac Eli Asamoah

Isaac Eli Asamoah
Isaac Eli Asamoah, © 2019

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