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04.06.2019 Diaspora News

#2020NanaMustGo: Ghanaians In The Diaspora Call For Regime Change

By Mr Frank Bonney
#2020NanaMustGo: Ghanaians In The Diaspora Call For Regime Change
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Comrades, fellow Akatamansonians , it is with great concern that l am reaching out to you, and for the love of our NDC family and the greater good of our nation Ghana.

Many of us have been rather too passive about the current that flows within our fraternity/family (NDC members/sympathizers alike) which sadly doesnt impact the landscape nor affect the grassroots. And this is what has led some of us to embark on a campaign to wake the fraternity up and in so doing also wake up the Ghanaian populace into an energized state of mind that will ensure a 2020 win for NDC. This was highlighted recently in the Agogo Constituency where the youth of the Muslim community blatantly rejected donations from the political figure of that area. A move which was applauded by fellow ghanaians both home and abroad as the new awakening.

To our NDC Headquarters, l say, its time to wake up to the realities on the ground both in Ghana and in the Diaspora where many of what we see today in the NPP Government were cooked up. This government’s international relations were mapped out to them by NPP members in the Disapora who today are very disappointed at the path their leadership has towed to. Therefore, NDC Headquarters should be able to do better , learn from the mistakes of the Current Government and implement better templates that can fuse the imput of the Diaspora chapters into the greater plan for a successful win come 2020. Its somewhat disheartening to see the lack of enthusiasm from elected leaders at head office level to laison with elected leaders in the Diaspora, and thereby creating an atmosphere which fosters each side working against each other. 

Ghanaians today want a better governance system that is able to yield measurable results, results that can be felt in the hands and pockets of every Ghanaian and not just a few, example cost of fuel / health care / food security, education that addresses our national needs and sovereignty, security for all , good roads etc etc .

I am certain those that have the ear to hear this cry would, and those that want to continue to lay passive towards the progress of our nation should forever stay mute and passive. 

In closing, l would like to call on all well meaning Ghanaians, regardless our partisan views to come together as one so we can send this corruption family run government packing when it comes to 2020 elections. We all know the stakes would be high considering the fact that they are stocking piling guns and ammunition, and training hooligans to do their dirty jobs for them., there we all need to be diligently and transparent because the future of Ghana is at stake . My thanks goes to all who would like to offer me a shoulder to cry onto or a handkerchief to weep off the tears expressed herein. 

Long live Ghana 

Mr Frank Bonney 


Tel: +31 6 84607700

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