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05.06.2019 Feature Article

Ghanaians are going too soon, Part 2

Ghanaians are going too soon, Part 2
LISTEN JUN 5, 2019

Ghana has made some tremendous stride in healthcare improvement over the years but a lot remains to be done. In view of this, the Ministry of Health has revealed the government’s plan to build extra polyclinics in the country. Central Region and Greater Accra are among the regions to benefit from the health facilities. More hospitals in the country will increase access to healthcare.

The nature of healthcare we receive matters a lot. Neatly decorated buildings alone may not improve healthcare in Ghana. Our healthcare professionals must show more empathy and professionalism in treating patients.

How effective are the pharmaceutical drugs? We cannot continue to import substandard drugs from China and India. The Guardian News Agency reported that 250 000 children worldwide die every year as result of fake drugs (The Guardian, 11 Mar 2019, 21.02 GMT).

Ineffective medication could also be a contributing factor to Ghana’s low life expectancy. The World Health Organisation (WHO) gives Ghana a total life expectancy of 63 years. It would be prudent for us to improve our longevity by putting things in order in Ghana. We can practice healthy living.

Healthy living is very simple, cheap and available to all who embrace it. Good food, good environment, personal hygiene and some exercise will do more good to us. ‘Balanced diet’ is a term that is very familiar to almost all Ghanaians yet poor nutrition is among the main causes of our ill-health. You may like to read about how your environment impacts your health from the link below.

Putting Healthcare aside, road accident is the fiery terminator in Ghana these days. According to a report by Graphic (Graphic Online, Feb 24, 2018), annually, Ghana records 2000 deaths by motor accidents. Meaning that about 6 people lose their lives daily on our roads. There should be attitudinal change in Ghana, particularly, among drivers who disregard road safety rules.

Let us do away with superstition and find real life solutions to the problems confronting us in Ghana so that we can live longer.


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