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03.06.2019 General News

Ghana, Seira Leone Share Ideas In Local Governance For Development

By Clement Akoloh
Ghana, Seira Leone Share Ideas In Local Governance For Development

The General Secretary of National Association of Local Authorities (NALAG), Kokro Amankwah, has indicated that Ghana and Sierra Leone are two developing West African countries which need to exchange ideas to foster development at the local governance level.

The exchange of ideas by both countries will help people participate in the development of the respective countries

He made the comment when the National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG) and Local council association of Sierra Leone (LOCASL) officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding to help the two countries share best practices in local governance to improve the service delivery for the people within these countries.

Speaking in an interview after the ceremony, Mr. Amankwah, indicated that the two countries have many things in common such as culture and environment and therefore a collaboration between the two countries is the step in the right direction to further enhance popular participation in governance.

He also observed that, though Ghana is ahead of Siera Leone in Local Governance, there are so many things it can also learn from that country to further improve its system.

“Even teachers learn from their students just as the students learn from their teachers. Even though we are ahead of them, there are a lot of things Ghana can still learn,” he said.

The President of Local of Council Association of Sierra Leone, Joseph M. Bindi said the collaboration will deepen the relationship between the two countries in terms of local governance and other related exchange programs.

Mr. Bindi said Ghana has advanced in local governance processes which Sierra Leone is prepared to learn from.

He mentioned for instance that, they have learnt about the devolution system being practiced by Ghana where power is devolved to the local authorities.

He also emphasized that perhaps Ghana can also learn from the practice in Siera Leone where the heads of the Local authorities are elected and not appointed as the case in Ghana.

“We believe that when the people elect their representative, there is much the person can deliver because he holds direct responsibility to the people. That is a big difference and we believe Ghana may learn also what is happening in Seira Leone,” he observed.

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