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20.01.2006 Gossips

Assassination Plot On Rawlings

By Lens Investigative Desk Report
Assassination Plot On Rawlings
Lens -- Unimpeachable information available to the Lens points unerringly to the fact that desperate elements around the presidency with the tacit support of Mr. Francis Poku, the National Security Co-ordinator are behind a plot to assassinate President Jerry John Rawlings.
The Lens has learned that the plot is being timed to occur any moment soon to make it possible for the government aided by its numerous “hired” media collaborators to point a finger of blame in the direction of some imaginary enemies of Rawlings within the NDC and thus absolve themselves from any accusations.
Our intelligence sources have stumbled upon the name of Amedeka, as one of the names that will be quickly thrown into the system as one of the possible “enemies from within” who is behind the plot.
The National Security Coordinator, whose obsession with Rawlings is an open secret, is not unaware of the dastardly operation, our sources reveal.
Francis Poku in that respect is a far cry from his dignified predecessor, Owusu Fordjour, who unable to put up with the filthy schemes that surrounded the plot on the life of Ya-Na resigned in disgust in 2002. Part of the reason for which he resigned at the time, the Lens has learned, was because he could not in good conscience agree to be a part of a plot to assassinate President Rawlings.
It would appear that what Owusu Fordjour would not do, someone else is more than prepared to do.
In order to prepare the way for the plot, The Lens can emphatically reveal that Francis Poku has through various means enticed some of the bodyguards around President Rawlings away from the country by arranging for some of them to have foreign visas.
The Lens can also state that plans were far afoot to throw another security scare into the system before the close of last year by putting out another fabricated lie that Rawlings was preparing to overthrow the Kufuor regime on either the 24th or the 26th or the 31st of December, 2005. This was called off in the last moment.
Most Ghanaians were not aware that the route march undertaken on 31st December 2005 by heavily armed soldiers in Kumasi in what was seen as a show of force, had only one objective in mind: Create the impression that the Kufuor regime was fully prepared for Rawlings.
The Lens called President Rawlings to ascertain his sentiment with regards to the current assassination plot hanging over his head. The following is the former President's take on the issue.
“They have gotten away with using the military to torture Mobilla to death; gotten away with the slaughter of the Ya-Na and scores of his subjects in the operation's area of the military; they have gotten away with the cold blooded murder of the 34 women during our rule and sacrificed a scapegoat, Charles Quansah to go with it. What aren't Kufuor and his cronies getting away with impunity when he receives the blessing and cover of a Commission made up of the Clergy, a general, a judge, lecturers etal, which Commission was financed by a western embassy that should have kept a better supervision. Why won't the Kufuor regime suffer from delusions of omnipotence and continue their evil?”
It will be recalled that when President Rawlings hosted then president- elect, J.A. Kufuor at the castle after the latter's second round victory in the year 2000, he assured him that he Rawlings will not be his problem. “If you will have any problems it will come from the men around you,” Rawlings stated.
Those words have been proven to be so true today. Hit by scandal after scandal, the Kufuor regime has become more insecure than ever and is so much afraid of even its own shadow.
When will Kufuor realise that Rawlings is not his problem? But that his own lack of Integrity and truth are his perennial woes.