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03.06.2019 General News

Chereponi Arms Seizure: Root Out The Enemies And Deal With Them— Papa J To Police

Chereponi Arms Seizure: Root Out The Enemies And Deal With Them— Papa J To Police

A concerned resident of Saboba District, Wumbei Mbuer Jacob, has called on the Police Service to root out and deal with those behind the conflict in the district.

He is of the belief there are some hidden faces who are exacerbating the issue.

Mr. Jacob made this call in an interview with ModernGhana when he called on the Chakosi and Konkombas to end the conflict.

This follows after the arrest of a senior local officer of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) who according to reports was found transporting live ammunition to Chereponi in the North East Region.

The culprit, Gushi Kwesi Mohammed was arrested on Sunday evening transporting 250 pieces of AAA cartridges concealed in ten boxes to the troubled district.

Mr. Jacob who finds the news disturbing commended the security service for the arrest, and further urged them to keep an eagle eye on the few who are tarnishing the image of the district.

"I must salute the security apparatus for doing their very best as one who comes from the area and wants peace. However, I wish to appeal to the hierarchy of the security that they must do their very best to keep an eagle eye on the few who are tarnishing their image and deal with them," he said.

The surest way to end the conflict, according to him, is for the two factions to sit and settle the discourse between them.

"We the Chakosi and Konkombas must sit and talk. Let us begin to expose our kind who are the triggers and making gains. If the main road has security yet ammunition are carried across daylight, what happens at the Togo border that is not being checked? he quizzed.

Calling for peace between the two factions he said "there is no war or conflict that will not end on a negotiating table no matter how long it takes. The earlier we do it, the better to save ourselves and our future. Give peace a chance."

"Have we not heard the cry of our children who are physically and mentally traumatized?, the women and children dying? hunger looming? Do we have a better road from Yendi to Saboba and Chereponi? Do we have any well resource hospital? What about water to drink," he added.

The violence started in the evening on Friday, March 15 when unknown assailants opened fire on Nawieku, a Chokosi community in the district, injuring one person.

75 military personnel and 40 police officers have since been deployed to the area following reported reprisal attacks.