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01.06.2019 Feature Article

Ignorance Or Rightful Judgement?

Ignorance Or Rightful Judgement?
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"Fake man of God" has become a famous mantra in our society for quite a long time now. Some of our Pastors and leaders at large have failed the Christian body enormously and keeps drawing accusations to the church, weakening the faith of many each day.

In our minds, many can point to very few Pastors we believe and admire yet over a thousand and one evil Pastors. Believers and unbelievers alike join hands together to criticize and defame greatly our leaders for any act we deem bad or evil as judged by our conscience. This is sad!

I know there exist occult and witchcraft, but I'm still waiting for the day an occult will do everything possible to defame another or a brother. I'm on the lookout for the day a witch will come out and point to us how another witch has destroyed over more than necessary lives. Yet how many a time do we not hear and see believers passionately and heartily criticizing and defaming men of God in public? Very pitiful!

Even with reference to animals, I have never witnessed, neither I'm I on the lookout to see the day a pride of lion will deliver one of their own to an enemy because of a wrong conduct or act at any point in time. In their closet, they might attack and point out to it its mistakes and shortcomings, but never will they join hands with an enemy to destroy their own. Christians, let's wise up! The devil has distorted our kingdom enough, it's time to identify our own and do everything in our power to hold their hands always. No matter how godly and powerful you are, mistakes are inevitable in life. When they do happen, that's not the time for division but rather the time we ought to come together and help our own. You never in any way try winning a soul for God but you rather by your words push others from the kingdom yet you have every reason to point out fingers to that man who has gathered thousands of souls for God just because of a mistake. I leave that to your conscience judgement.

Always remember that we never drive darkness away by introducing darkness but by rather introducing light! Shalom

By Asamoah Isaac Eli

Isaac Eli Asamoah
Isaac Eli Asamoah, © 2019

I am Isaac Eli Asamoah, a graduate of KNUST. I am a passionate writer and a poet. I seek to impact my world immensely through writing. Column: IsaacEliAsamoah

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