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01.06.2019 Feature Article

A Friday has Come and Kevin Taylor of “Friday Editorial” has Crossed the Rubicon

Kevin Ekow-Baidoo TaylorKevin Ekow-Baidoo Taylor

Kevin Ekow-Baidoo Taylor, a social media newscaster, who like any of the few patriotic Ghanaians, has taken upon himself to fight institutional corruption using his platform. However, he has a malicious motive behind his deceitful fight against corruption. In his fight against corruption as could be deduced from his presentations, he is wearing an opaque partisan lenses.

Thinking to be smart, the beginnings of his editorial presentations are always nuanced in the perfect definitions of the functions and duties of the institutions and the personalities he attacks, and the expectations of them by the public. Having enticed his listeners as though he is a genuine and impartial journalist, he then proceeds to attack his targeted victims like an infuriated bulldog in a manner calculated to suit his partisan agenda.

I would have had no qualms about his sacrifices made to fighting corruption and injustices being masterminded and orchestrated by our publicly known or perceived politicians, public officials in high positions, and our weak national institutions if he were to do so impartially, without narration of lies and not being partisan. Once you become more partisan in your views in whatever you do intended for enhancing the collective wellbeing of the citizens, you are bound to fail or struggle needlessly to achieve your objective. This is exactly what Kevin Taylor, a fanatic NDC member or sympathiser, has been doing all along with his dissemination of lies to court the sympathy of the Ghanaian public for the NDC.

Is he fighting for the collective interests of Ghanaians or for the aspirations of NDC regaining power come Election 2020? I see him to be aimed at the latter. I have no worries about NDC coming back to power in case NPP performs woefully but again, with NDC not coming to repeat their unprecedented gargantuan “create, loot and share” policy as disgustingly witnessed in Ghana under the watch of the perceived most corrupt President in the annals of Ghana politics, former President John Dramani Mahama.

Kevin Taylor has today, Friday, 31 May 2019, crossed the Rubicon so he has to be compelled to face the fire and fury of Rockson Adofo, the no-nonsense man who believes in Ghana first before his family and political party. Our parochial selfish interests, nonsensical partisanship and political and tribal activism, are the cause of the numerous problems of unemployment, armed robberies, breakdown in law and justice and the denigration of the black man, as are ongoing in Ghana. Therefore, I would gladly be arm in arm with anyone who rises to fight that baneful economic cancer ravaging my motherland Ghana to the detriment of my pride as a native Ghanaian. I would have supported Kevin Taylor if it were not for his lies and exhibition of his malicious NDC partisanship that can be summed up as “Pull Him Down”, thus, with the sole motive of tarnishing the reputation of certain individuals and institutions only to dubiously enhance the chances of his NDC party to regain power. Is this the proper way to fight corruption, through deliberate defamation of his political opponent’s character?

Any official, be you a politician, traditional ruler, civil service personnel in high position, president of Ghana or whoever, if you come under my radar as engaging in corrupt practices that are detrimental to the collective wellbeing of Ghanaians and the image of the country, I shall not hesitate to take you to the cleaners. I am not the type to prostrate to criminals because of the willingness to calm or kill the pangs of my stomach. I am not a politician and I do not intend to play stomach politics hence saying things the way they should be said without fear or favour.

Could Kevin Taylor emulate me to cease his devilish intention to bring down the NPP government for solely what he stands to gain as NDC reward criminals within their ranks with high positions, cars and houses when they are in power?

How I hope Kevin had not yet attacked, and never intends to attack, the institution National Identification Authority (NIA) and their head, Professor Atefuah for setting out the three obligatory requirements for meriting for the issuance of a Ghana National Identity Card to the requester. NIA requires whoever claims to be a Ghanaian hence requesting to be issued a Ghana ID Card which is gradually becoming an obligation for a Ghanaian, to produce ONE of the following three requirements.

  1. Produce their Ghanaian birth certificate
  2. Ghanaian passport
  3. Have one family member or two friends who have Ghana ID Card to vouch for him/her on affidavit that the person is a Ghanaian

The NDC are vehemently insisting on ruling out the third requirement while allowing for Voter Cards to be accepted as justification of one’s Ghanaian nativity hence the possessor must be issued with a Ghana National Identity Card. If you are truly a Ghanaian, and born in, or comes from, any of the Ghanaian cities, towns and villages, regardless of how remote your place of birth is in the hinterlands of Ghana, can’t you get one or two people to vouch for you that you are a Ghanaian?

It may be harder for me to produce a Ghanaian birth certificate or passport than to get a family member or friends from my Kumawu or Juaben towns to vouch for me. Therefore, if NDC find the third option so difficult to accomplish, then those that they want to be permitted to acquire Ghana National ID Card on their voter card are indeed not from Ghana or are not Ghanaians by birth or naturalisation. How I hope this crafty Kevin Taylor had not waded in to support this absurd view strongly expressed and held by NDC in protestation to the third requirement but in support of using the voter card that was issued to non-Ghanaians and Ghanaians alike to enable them avail themselves of free healthcare.

My reasons for not accepting the voter card as a proof of one’s Ghanaian citizenship consequent upon which one has to be issued with Ghana ID Card can be found explicitly explained in my previous publications some of which are via the underlying web links.

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I dare Kevin Taylor to dabble into that nonsensicality of obliging NIA to accept Voter card without which it means NIA want to rig the 2020 election for NPP and he will encounter my fury same as he does to people and some institutions in his absurd and/or suspicious newscast of Friday Editorial.

Let me define through quoting what is meant by crossing the Rubicon and its consequences. “A stream in N Italy: in ancient times the boundary between Italy and Cisalpine Gaul. By leading his army across it and marching on Rome in 49BC, Julius Caesar broke the law that a general might not lead an army out of the province to which he was posted and so committed himself to civil war with the senatorial party”. “To cross the Rubicon or pass the Rubicon is to commit oneself irrevocably to some course of action”

I shall commit myself to taking him on if he continues to use untruths and half-truths, the NDC’s known propaganda machine, to advance his obnoxious defamatory course of unseating the NPP come Election 2020. If he tells nothing but the absolute truth to bring down the NPP, who cares? But to fabricate stories to deceive Ghanaians is what I hate and will take him on despite having a lot on my hands already e.g. the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute.

Rockson Adofo

(Friday, 31 May 2019)

Rockson Adofo
Rockson Adofo, © 2019

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