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31.05.2019 Mauritania

Proposed Legislation To Regulate Church Movemen

By Felicia Borsor
Proposed Legislation To Regulate Church Movemen

Why the legislation?
The Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Aaron Mike Ocquaye on Wednesday dated 29th May, 2019 directed Members of Parliament to formulate a law that will guide the activities of churches. He further went on to say the same statement again on Thursday, 30th May, 2019 were he cited situations were sick people are tied with robes till their predicament becomes dire before they are sent to hospital.

The Setup of a unit
Ms. Amanda Clinton said in a program called Kaptured by women held at Tv3(airs at 3pm on Saturdays) that there should be a creation of a subdivision within the special units of the Criminal Investigation Department(CID). This subdivision within the special unit of the CID could (if formed) look into all religious related activities.

Function of this Subdivision
This Subdivision of the special units within the CID could look into issues concerning religious activities. Issues such as the situation cited by Prof. Aaron Ocquaye or even pedophile to and also unsavory practices such as the use of dead bodies water to perform miracles in the name of holy water within religious organizations. A special tip line telephone numbers could be provided to the public to report any or all religious related allegations to investigated.

Activities of this Subdivision
The subdivision of the special units within the CID (if formed) could investigate and report any and all related religious allegations. They could determine the seriousness of these allegations and give the rightful sanctions.

Importance of this subdivision
This subdivision of the special unit within the CID could if set up ensure practical results with their investigations, also the public can call to report any misbehavior of a religious person or organization.

Who will pay these units?
Stakeholders including different churches, mosques, umbrella organization, NGO’s etc. could play a role by contributing to pay at least 1000Ghana cedis each month to this subdivision. Furthermore, since government has seen the need to act, they can also dedicate human resources within the subdivision of the special unit at the CID, (should it be formed) to look into serious or questionable behaviors and/or activities.

This Subdivision within the special unit of the CID will (if formed) aid in curbing the activities of religious bodies not just churches but any organization with questionable deeds.

Felicia Borsor,
[email protected] .