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31.05.2019 General News

Parliament Must Tread Cautiously On Spiritual Matters – Journalist Cautions

Parliament Must Tread Cautiously On Spiritual Matters – Journalist Cautions

Multimedia Group Limited’s Journalist, Nana Adjei Obrempong known as Obrempong CP in the media has called on the Parliament to shy away from spiritual matters because that’s not their calling.

The Newscaster who also doubles as a pastor indicated that parliamentarians wield no power talk less of regulating spiritual bodies, therefore, they should be kind to themselves and stop interfering in God’s work.

He, however, suggested to the Members of Parliament to sit back and rather encourage the Ghana Police Service to arrest the leadership of churches who are fond of abusing their congregants.

Below is the Journalist's full statement;


I sincerely think that Members of Parliament and for that matter, Parliament House must tread with extreme cautiousness and devoid of emotions in its quest to regulate and determine what the spirit of God does in churches.

I am still in the state of psychological astonishment as to how the legislatures who are expected to make legislation to deal with issues related to humanity and not divinity are going to carry out their intended action to tame and or control the Holy Spirit who does not work according to human wishes and preferences.

Members of Parliament we obviously know are not “spiritual people” to determine what is of God and not.

We should bear in mind that an attempt to regulate the activities of the spirit is not going to be just persecution against the Church but national persecution against the operation of the Holy Spirit and for that matter Christianity.

In as much as every right-thinking member of the society bears witness to the fact that “some” churches do extreme spiritual exercises, the fact still remains that no man especially parliamentarian can prove whether what they do is from God or not.

I want to state clearly that the Members of Parliament should stay away from the activities of the church and allow the law enforcement agencies like the Police Service to arrest the pastor who is involved in any criminality based on the report from victims.

How can people who do not do spiritual work and have no understanding of the things of the spirit control spiritual activities of the churches?

I think the best the legislatures can do to help everybody is to make sure that before a church is established, it must go through the due process which includes background checks of the pastors involved before he is allowed to operate.

One thing the MPs do not know is that the spirit of God can work in any form or shape because no man controls him and nobody can control him.

Where were the MPs when Elisha instructed Naaman the leper to go and fall into the river seven times as a spiritual direction for his cure? I believe if it were today, our MP’s would have called him a false prophet and call for his arrest.

I want to suggest to the Members of Parliament who are proposing this deadly legislation to be careful not to attract the wrath of God upon this nation because any such action will definitely come with God’s punishment because it will be the most serious persecution on Christianity in history.

Why is the police service there, are we saying they cannot arrest pastors who commit crimes? If I am a pastor and I do something criminal to a church member and he/she reports me to the police I should be arrest and prosecuted as the law prescribes instead of controlling churches and telling Pastors what they should do.

Let us not start something today that we will regret tomorrow.


Obrempong CP

God bless Ghana.

God bless the Body of Christ.